Murphy Plastic Surgery Now Inviting Patients for Consultations on Breast Lift with an Augmentation

Reno, Nevada-based experts for a comprehensive range of cosmetic medical treatments, Murphy Plastic Surgery are now offering their combined breast lift with augmentation treatment.

Reno, NV, March 15, 2014 --( This treatment has been created for women who require a fuller breast shape than would be offered through the breast lift treatment alone. It’s a solution that offers both breast definition as well as a rise in breast level, to ensure a fuller, shapelier looking body overall.

Many women suffer changes in body shape due to pregnancy, illness and age-related factors. This change can be demoralizing and can make women feel helpless and unsatisfied with their current appearance. In order to revitalize the shape of their body and improve appearance in the long-term, many American women are now turning to cosmetic treatment services. Now, one of the leading local clinics serving clients across Northern Nevada is offer a cutting-edge treatment that will revitalize the patient’s body and support the ideal foundation for a new lease on life.

The breast lift with augmentation surgical procedure offered at Murphy Plastic Surgery enables patients to achieve both the optimal size of breast and the optimal breast placement on the body. The team at Murphy Plastic Surgery will invite the patient for a consultation before the procedure to help outline the options available to them in terms of both the incision positioning and style, and the type of surgery required. Dr. James E. Murphy, the head surgeon at Murphy Plastic Surgery will professionally answer all questions the patient might have regarding their upcoming procedure. It’s a process through which patients will discover a full suite of information related to the treatment as well as the recovery period expected.

One of the leading benefits of working with Dr. Murphy for a breast lift with augmentation procedure is that he has the skill and the experience to ensure that both surgeries are completed for exceptional results in the long-term. To learn more about Dr. Murphy and the team at the Murphy Plastic Surgery clinic, please contact the clinic offices directly or visit
Tracy Murphy