Australian Author Hides Key to Universe in Sci-Fi Novel

- Karma linked to leading concepts in physics - new book, new author, new ideas - profound science-fiction

Melbourne, Australia, October 04, 2007 --( What is Karma? … other than a concept vaguely understood but still popularized in film and television. If you have an unusually keen grasp of the subject and a unique perspective on how it ties in with leading concepts in physics, how do you present that in a form that can be easily understood? How do you present it in a completely non-religious way that leaves a non-rocket scientist begging for more? Easy … like Ted Skewes you write an enthralling science fiction story that mixes the profound with romance, action and intrigue.

Ted Skewes is a hitherto unpublished Australian author from Melbourne who grew up admiring the works of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke; writers who put the science in science-fiction before the fantasy, and others like Carlos Castaneda and Herman Hess who put the philosophy ahead of the fiction. Writers who had something to say. His book 'The Mystic Functions' places him firmly within this group while appealing to people on different levels. Those with an interest in popular science glean gems from the text that others don’t. Similarly those interested in UFOs and conspiracy theories will connect with passages that mean nothing special to anyone else. Everyone who has read it loves the story and is intrigued by the ideas that have been masterfully brought to life.

The author has bypassed tradition completely, both in the subject matter and in the publishing. He has chosen to use the internet publishing company in order to make this unique work available without compromise and in a timely fashion.

The Mystic Functions can be purchased online at ( either as a paperback or download. The first ten pages can be reviewed for free . . . but be aware . . . this hardly scratches the surface of a work that accelerates rapidly as the groundwork is laid for understanding the key to the universe. It’s really the last ten pages you need to read, but if you really want to understand them, then you should also read the preceding 228.

It will also be available at and other online bookstores in the next few weeks.

About the author: Ted Skewes is 54 and lives near Melbourne, Australia, with his wife and three sons. He has been a computer professional for over 20 years, prior to which his time was consumed by music, song-writing and philosophy. Apart from a few articles published in UFO journals and on websites, The Mystic Functions is his first literary endeavor.

Ted Skewes