Bubble Chronicles Diamond Edition – A Newly Launched Match 3 Joy for Facebook Users

The special extension of Bubble Chronicles app recently entered the Facebook's App Center. Renatus Media, LLC, a successful US-based game publishing company, released Bubble Chronicles Diamond Edition with an updated form and content.

Palo Alto, CA, March 16, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Renatus, who has published seven games with bubble shooting mechanics, launched a special edition of one of them on Facebook just a couple of days ago. Bubble Chronicles, an app best distinguished for its classy Steampunk visuals and historic background revealed in the plot, was followed by a no less striking successor.

Alike to the original game, Bubble Chronicles Diamond Edition sends players to the past on a high-tech time machine with two friendly characters. Not for fun, but to take their grandfather-scientist, who failed to handle the invention properly, back to the future.

The most notable periods in the history of mankind pass before the players' eyes. They get inside those times and shoot pretty bubbles against the rare ancient backgrounds.

“Then what's new in this Diamond Edition?” – most of you, readers, would think on reading this news.

The main difference is that the time machine brings in the real-life component. It now feeds on specific, pricey fuel that, by the way, gave name to this new Bubble version. “Diamonds” they are called. Though rare, those shiny precious stones may be earned in many different ways.

The first way is the Hard one. Time machine provides the shooting, so every level of knocking bunches of bubbles down results in big losses. Unless the one who plays scores enough to get to one of the TOP ratings. Then he takes a lavish diamond prize. Plus, a level beaten means a diamond mining point installed.

The second way is the Lazy one. Diamonds accumulate on mining points every hour, thus all one has to do to play again is wait until his diamond tank gets filled a bit.

But there's this third Tricky way. Players can always collect a tiny tribute from Facebook friends. While those work hard to mine more diamond fuel and find the scientist, the “tricksters” make use of their riches.

Another new cool thing is that time machine can get tuned, like the real one. Players are free to upgrade the tank and add various widgets with rare abilities to pop easier & score more (ricochets, fireballs, rainbows and more stuff).

Bubble Chronicles Diamond Edition is a fun play for everyone, who likes bubble shooters with a special something. Apart from competing to know whose time machine is better now, friends can compete with each other to get the best level score/biggest number of diamonds.

Play Bubble Chronicles Diamond Edition on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/bubblechroniclesde/

Join the Game Community: https://www.facebook.com/BubbleChroniclesDeCommunity
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