Multimedia is so 2013: NYC’s "Professor Soap" Brings Transmedia Concept to Orlando Fringe Theater Festival

Professor Soap’s highly awesome and acclaimed animated shorts come to life in a new transmedia concept that just wants to leave audiences smiling

Orlando, FL, March 17, 2014 --( Animator Ryan Mauskopf aka “Professor Soap” is the guy that brought us the cerebral gems “Spacetime Fabric Softener” and “Sprit quest Journey.” He’s now using a new type of medium called transmedia to produce a show for the Orlando Fringe Theater Festival. Transmedia is the evolving art of utilizing multimedia to tell a story and create a bridge--in this case performing parts of the animated shorts with a live score--to achieve a level of unity and shared experience among an audience. Transmedia is, essentially, multimedia’s hipster cousin. The 13-minute show features live musicians, tons of light-hearted and admittedly silly crowd participation, and projections of the simply delightful works of Professor Soap.

“Professor Soap began as an experiment back in college where I tried to make one song every day. Eventually it evolved into something more audio-visual and allowed me to combine everything I like to do into one, neat little package,” Ryan says. When asked what Ryan wants the audience to gain from the live show, he says “Warm fuzziness, the urge to groove...that sort of thing.” That experiment is now evolving.

Will this show be able to achieve success in the new realm of transmedia? The show has already had a well-received sneak peek during an event at the Hard Rock Live Orlando, and hopes to keep the energy going when it is featured in this year’s Orlando Fringe Theater Festival in May. For more information on the project, you can check out
Cadence Creative, LLC
Gary Burns