Chifro Studios - "Color and Shape Balloon Game" Launched on Google Play Store

Coloring and identifying shapes has been made literally “child’s play” for a child by none other than Chifro Studios. How is this possible you might ask? Then just access Google Play Store using your smart phone/tablet/phablet and download free-of-cost Color and Shape Balloon Game.

Gurgaon, India, March 15, 2014 --( A question to think about for all the fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and grandparents: Which application of your handset is absolutely awesome for the infinite source of laughter in your life: Your children?

Chifro Studios has provided you with an answer with its application called “Color and Shape Balloon Game.” Available for free download at Google Play Store, this application is not just another tool meant for teaching colors and shapes – it is perhaps one of the most innovative endeavors to see the light of the day on the touch screens of multiple handsets resting on the palms of numerous parents across the world.

An act that infuses creativity, simplicity according to the Executive Director of Chifro Studios, Color and Shape Balloon Game is a world of swaying balloons of different colors and shapes for the kid to identify and pop – Not with a pin, or an arrow, or a dart, but with a smart, knowledgeable tap of the finger-tip on the touch screen.

There are two levels present in this game – or rather two different modes. In simple words, Color and Shape Balloon Game can be played in two different ways. The first way involves the identification of the balloons whose color is the same with the given color and then successively bursting them to gain points. The second way involves identification of the correctly shaped balloons and successively bursting them.

The creation of this game has been undertaken while keeping in mind the interest factor and the patience factor of the target audience – children. Hence, the basic colors have been chosen and they are: Red, Green, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, and Violet.

The same approach has been followed while the selection of the shapes for this game. These shapes are: Square, Rectangle, Circle, Star, Oval, Heart, Polygon, and Diamond.

Checking out this application requires no in-depth knowledge of a seasoned gamer well-versed in playing complicated mobile platform games. A simple tap on the finger leads to the selection of either of the two levels present in this game. Furthermore, the game play involves only tapping on the balloons to pop them and therefore the aspect of playing the game does not encompass the lion’s share of a child’s concentration.

This application is therefore a bundle of decibel-friendly joy in itself and it would be an injustice to let the balloons sway upwards towards the sky with the fear of their tapping nemesis. So, download Color and Shape Balloon Game and see those twinkling eyes of your child glistening with knowledge and fun.
Chifro Studios
Rajesh Sharma