Cherry Tree Design Launches New Quick-Fit Shoji Screen Product System

Montana seller launches new shoji screen product system.

Bozeman, MT, March 19, 2014 --( Cherry Tree Design, a Japanese shoji screen manufacturer and retailer, is proud to announce the launch of its latest endeavor, the Quick-Fit Shoji Program. This new production option will allow consumers to purchase the gorgeous, natural wood-styled shoji screens Cherry Tree is known for, but at a more affordable price.

That's because the Quick-Fit screens are built to order, says Tor Gilbertson, the company's general manager. "These single-sided shoji systems are highly customizable with various design, finish, facing and tracking options, quick turnaround time, and low shipping rates across the U.S.," he says.

"For shoji screen enthusiasts, it is a great opportunity to own heirloom quality products at a price of about half that of our higher end custom-built shoji doors, but with the same solid hardwood construction and fine furniture finish quality that Cherry Tree Design is known for," Gilbertson says. An experienced woodworker, Gilbertson knows quality when he sees it. He cites the company's time and dedication given to each piece they craft as one reason for their overall success.

"We've been building hardwood shoji systems for closets for over 15 years, but we realize that much of our custom work is out of reach for the average customer," Gilbertson says. "We developed an in-stock shoji program to make a step towards more affordable craftsmanship, but over the years we've learned that there is just no 'standard' closet size, and at times the in-stock products just won't work without some significant re-framing which can also be very costly. Quick Fit Shoji offer a very useful solution that avoids the guessing game of whether or not off-the-shelf doors are going to fit and work right, since we build them exactly for you."

Cherry Tree Design is located in Bozeman, MT at 320 Pronghorn Trail. Find out more about the new Quick-Fit Shoji Program (including price plans) by calling (406) 582-9604 or by visiting
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