Vetiary is Now Available for the US Market

Vetiary announces the launch of the newly developed booking system platform for veterinary clinics, with the aim of improving the veterinarian - pet owner relationship.

Vilnius, Lithuania, March 19, 2014 --( Vetiary is a booking system designed for veterinary clinics and has been launched and introduced to the US market recently.

Vetiary aims to improve both the organization of the duties and responsibilities of veterinarians. This also involves the enhancement of the pet owners’ experience with the veterinary world.

Vetiary is created and developed by a group of 4 pet lovers, who decided to come as one group in order to bring tech within the world of veterinary clinics. After being funded by Startup Highway (a business accelerator based in Vilnius, Lithuania), the group established Vetiary.

The Vetiary booking system comes with features such as the veterinarians can obtain bookings from the Vetiary’s website. This way, they will be able to manage around the clock every appointment they acquire. It will also be easy for them to arrange their everyday activities better and develop their relationship with their clients.

The veterinarians will also have a custom dashboard that shows all bookings they have, all reviews posted on their profiles and the way the clinic’s profile is performing in the search queries.

Vetiary will also be active with advertising activities that will benefit all registered members, offering them a cheap channel of marketing.

Pet owners may also use the platform to look for a veterinarian and book his or her appointment with just few clicks. The veterinarian can also instruct the pet owner regarding the visit upon its confirmation with a very organized recap. This will be very useful in avoiding misunderstanding.

Veterinarians can also organize follow up consultations, routine inspections to keep track of the pet’s health. The vets will get utmost assistance in keeping their customers happy and satisfied with their service. The veterinarians will also have a public profile on the Vetiary’s site, featuring a practice or clinic’s complete description, the clinic’s opening hours and the reviews from satisfied clients.

Vetiary is within an open beta phase, which means it will be offered for free for a limited period of time only. The first veterinarians who will sign up, will get huge discounts once paid plans will be activated. The public profile on Vetiary will always remain free of charge.

As of now, Vetiary is available in all US areas. The developers of this booking system expect that the veterinarians in UK will be enticed to try this software to experience the benefits that it can provide.

Vetiary is the innovative and smart booking system developed to give help to veterinarians. It is the brand of UAB “Veterinarius,” a company from Lithuania.

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Marco Flaborea