Rise of the Stikeez Game App from Zing Toys and FunGuy Studio is Now on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store

The Stikeez invasion goes live on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store as the “Rise of the Stikeez” starts to stick on smartphones.

Makati, Philippines, March 21, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Zing Toys, a privately-owned company known for designing quality toys, released its first ever game app version of the popular collectible figures Stikeez, the “Rise of the Stikeez,” on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store (March 03, 2014).

The “Rise of the Stikeez” is a free puzzle-platform game app that works on both iOS and Android devices. For iOS, the game is compatible with iOS 4 and up, but iOS 7 is recommended. While for Android it requires 3.2 and up.

Zing Toys brought the fun of collecting the 24 Stikeez to another level of excitement with the “Rise of the Stikeez.” The game gives more challenge to kids who love to see Stikeez complete. Now, it will not just be collecting but there will be some stretching too, and of course, lots of sticking! Kids will enjoy a fun game adventure as they strive to unlock all of the Stikeez, including the 5 special-type Ickeez.

About “Rise of the Stikeez”

The storyline is a fun adventure where 24 hilarious-looking Stikeez must get through different environments like beach, desert, forest, volcano and snow, to find the other lost Stikeez. They need to avoid various obstacles on their way and travel through a portal that leads them to new places.

Along their way, they must collect Ickee Goo to sustain their stickiness and Koinz to buy power ups. Koinz can be found in each level and can be used to revive Stikeez, unlock levels and summon other Stikeez. Players will be given three default Stikeez that they can use to unlock levels and find more Ickeez. Each level must be completed within the given time period to unlock other environments.

The success of the “Rise of the Stikeez” has made possible by the popularity of ICKEE Stikeez collectible figures. Zing Toys designed 24 wacky, weird and disgusting monster figures attached to a suction cup that enables them to stick on flat surfaces. They make a loud pop when pulled off.

About Zing Toys

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Zing Toys, Inc., is a privately-owned company, founded in 2006. Zing®creates “High Performance Fun” with simple yet innovative products that make anytime play time. Zing®prides itself on designing quality toys that stimulate imagination, physical coordination and activity to promote healthy lifestyles for kids. The award-winning collectible and action-ready product lines include ICKEE Stikeez®, Zing Air®, Zing Air Tek™, Air Hunterz™, Zing Blast Off™, Zing Novelty, and Zing Stickee Shotz™.

About the Developer

FunGuy Studio Inc. is a game development company in the Philippines that develops games for Facebook, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and now supports development for Xbox and Playstation. It also provides game development services for Business Apps, Ecommerce, CMS and corporate website development, 2D and 3D animation and Mobile Marketing. FunGuy Studio is heavily involved in working with academes and the government for the long-term development of the Philippine game development industry. The company is also a member of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) where FunGuy Studio’s co-founder became the president in 2011-212 and vice-president in 2012-2013.
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