Snoopy Whoopy: GameAnax Beckons Avid Gamers to Its Latest Adventure

GameAnax,the publisher of successful games like Crazy Monster Truck and Go Karts, is all geared up to redefine the physics-based adventure games with its latest sensation, Snoopy Whoopy.

Sugar Land, TX, March 21, 2014 --( GameAnax is all set to launch a new physics-based puzzle game called Snoopy Whoopy on iOS. The game follows the journey of Snoopy Whoopy across its perilous quest to escape from the terrifying volcano. After achieving success with Crazy monster Truck and Go Karts, GameAnax is venturing in this latest genre to provide the gamers with an ultra-addictive gameplay.

Talking about this newest adventure, JigarPanchal, Head of Mobile Games said, “Snoopy Whoopy is geared towards casual gamers, who enjoys playing fun puzzle games but are looking for a deeper and stimulating gameplay.” He further added,“We are confident that the game will do well across the appstore as GameAnax’s previous successful adventures.”

Snoopy Whoopy features 40 brain-wrenching puzzles, pre-historic background, realistic visuals and catchy background music all aimed at providing an immersive experience to the players.What truly marks the game among its counterparts is its thrilling storyline combined with physics-based gameplay and stimulating puzzle mechanics.

The game introduces the players to a whole new world of primeval volcanic scene where the Cavemen Snoopy Whoopy has plummeted in an exploded volcanic cave. It is upon the players to save him and help him escape by solving intensified puzzles. With the support of two makeshift balloons, the cute nomad tries to escape from the harrowing situation. However, the presences of many obstacles hamper his freedom and prevent his flight. The game challenges the player to use logic and analytic skills to understand the physics-mechanisms of the game and eliminate the obstacles from Snoopy’s journey.

The game arrives from the studio of GameAnax who has a penchant in creating extraordinary gaming experience for gamers. With super hit games like Crazy Monster Truck, Go Karts and many other in its exciting portfolio, the studio has marked its presence in the gaming arena. The games have witnessed millions of downloads on the app stores and have generated rave reviews for itself.GameAnax is once again looking to strike gold with its new game, Snoopy Whoopy.

Talking about the much-awaited launch,Kalpesh Purohit, Head of Gaming Department said, “The game is expected to hit the app store this month.” He also added that it will be a free-to-play game and will be available for iPhone and iPad.

The studio promises that the game will give a satisfying experience to the players looking for an immersive puzzle game combined with impressive physics-stimulated gameplay.
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