Canada’s Leading Provider of Healthcare Liability Insurance Uses Datix to Deliver Superior Risk Assessment to Its Subscribers

Datix announced today that Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC), Canada’s leading provider of healthcare liability insurance, has deployed Datix patient safety and risk management software.

London, Canada, March 21, 2014 --( Datix announced today that Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC), Canada’s leading provider of healthcare liability insurance, has deployed Datix patient safety and risk management software. HIROC has implemented the Datix Accreditation module to deliver its self-assessment program, called the Risk Assessment Checklists, to help its subscribers implement effective, risk mitigation strategies. Since introducing Datix, HIROC has improved efficiencies and reduced the number of questions for assessing the top 30 risks for acute care organizations from 2,000 to just 300.

Prior to the implementation of Datix, HIROC used a custom-built system that had become outdated. HIROC looked for a replacement system that could make the risk management self-assessment process more streamlined, effective and efficient for subscribers. After reviewing other vendors, it selected Datix.

Sara Chow, Healthcare Risk Management Specialist at HIROC commented, “From the outset, it was clear that Datix best matched our requirement for a system that was simple to use and offered high levels of flexibility and security.”

Part of the appeal of Datix for HIROC was its reputation in the global marketplace and its prior experience working with some of the largest healthcare organizations in Canada, including the province of British Columbia.

HIROC began roll out of the Datix Accreditation module to subscribers in the acute care sector, including regional health authorities. Developed in close partnership with HIROC, the implementation of the new Datix module was successfully carried out on time and budget and has already resulted in improved reporting and reduced administration time.

Feedback has been encouraging with users citing advantages including ease of use and helpfulness in identifying areas for improvement. Easy to understand drop-down menus have removed the need for much of the free text, saving subscribers valuable time.

Jonathan Hazan, CEO of Datix, concluded, “Companies like HIROC which serve a variety of organizations in the not-for-profit sector require automated, highly flexible technology to give members the specialist knowledge and expertise they need to self-assess their risks at low cost. The Datix Accreditation module was developed in partnership with HIROC to provide a way for organizations to ensure they are managing risks to make a real difference to patient safety. We look forward to continuing to work with HIROC as their requirements evolve.”

HIROC has started to roll out the Accreditation Module to non-acute teams including family health teams and community health centres. Roll out will continue in 2014 to chronic care/rehab hospitals, Community Care Assessment Centres (CCACs), home care and cancer care facilities and midwives across Canada.

About Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada
Based in Toronto, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) is Canada’s leading provider of healthcare liability insurance to not-for-profit healthcare organisations. It is an insurance reciprocal, an arrangement whereby members/owners are committed to working together to manage risk and share losses. Since its inception 26 years ago, HIROC has returned over $91 million to its subscribers.

Founded in 1987 with a small number of healthcare organisations in Ontario, HIROC has expanded to over 550 subscriber organisations across Canada. Subscribers represent the breadth of Canadian healthcare and include regional health authorities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, community health centres, homecare organisations, associations and regulatory bodies.

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About Datix
Datix has been a pioneer in the field of patient safety since 1986 and is today the leading supplier of software for patient safety, risk management, incident and adverse event reporting. Datix aims to help healthcare organisations build a culture and practice that drives excellence in patient safety. It recruits and retains people committed to the healthcare sector and continually invests in its software and services to ensure that it integrates best practice and learning.

Datix customers include many of the world’s leading healthcare providers. In the UK, more than 75% of the NHS uses Datix. Datix has a proven track record in very large, system-wide implementations in the USA, Canada and Australia, as well as major hospitals in the Middle East and Europe.

Datix is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. To learn more, visit or call +44 (0)20 8971 1971

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