Texas Energy Group, LLC (TEG) Announces Production Results on Cleveland Townsite #1 Oil Well

Texas Energy Group, LLC (TEG) is pleased to announce production results on its Cleveland Townsite #1 oil well in Liberty County, Texas.

Spicewood, TX, March 22, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Texas Energy Group, LLC (TEG) is pleased to announce that it’s Cleveland Townsite #1 oil well has been completed and is now producing. TEG along with it’s industry partners, developed and drilled the Cleveland Townsite prospect in late 2013. Direct working interest participation in this well was offered to TEG’s private accredited investors and close industry partners. The well was drilled to an approximate vertical depth of 9,670’ in the prolific Cleveland Townsite field.

“The Cleveland Townsite field has a long history of oil production, dating back to the 1950’s. After looking back through historical logs and data on this area, it was our geological belief that the reserves had not been depleted at our primary objective which was the deeper Wilcox sands. We are excited to announce that our beliefs were correct as we have proudly encountered commercial hydrocarbons,” stated Waylan Johnson, President of TEG.

Mr. Johnson further stated, “Once again, this well stays true to our business model of drilling relatively shallow, vertical oil wells in known mature fields. The Cleveland Townsite #1 well went online a few weeks ago and had an initial production report of 40 BOPD.”

TEG and its affiliate, Spicewood Energy Management, LLC. (SEM), have current drilling and leasing activity going on throughout several Texas counties. TEG and SEM are expected to drill and participate in numerous wells throughout Texas and Louisiana in 2014. The Principals more recently announced their involvement in a South Louisiana prospect with PetroQuest Energy, Inc.

For further information regarding topics discussed in this article please contact Texas Energy Group, LLC directly via their Investor Relations Department; (877) 893-6749 or visit them on the web at www.TexasEnergyGroup.com where you can sign up for the TEG (corporate) mailing list and receive up to date information on general TEG activities, including all TEG press releases. Emails may be directed to Info@TexasEnergyGroup.com

More information about TEG’s new affiliate private equity management company, Spicewood Energy Management, LLC., can be found at www.SpicewoodEnergy.com

About TEG
Texas Energy Group, LLC (TEG) is an Austin, Texas based oil and gas exploration and development company specializing in bringing industry prospects to the private investor. With company principals having over 24 years of involvement in the oil and gas industry, TEG has been involved in numerous ventures and partnerships, including ownership of two operating companies that have operated numerous projects from North Dakota to Texas.

More recently, TEG has taken its lower-risk business model and adapted it to fit within the managed fund structure that its newly formed affiliate company, Spicewood Energy Management, LLC, now offers. Through registered Limited Partnerships, SEM is able to offer its qualified participants the same multi-well diversification and IDC tax benefits, while providing a structure which allows the investors truly preferential cash flow and capital preservation.

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