Summit to Sea Now Offer Hyperbaric Dives That Ensure Full Wheelchair Accessibility

Leading suppliers of the latest hyperbaric chamber equipment, Summit to Sea have recently announced that they’re offering the Grand Dive.

St Paul, MN, March 22, 2014 --( The Grand Dive is considered one of the leading dives on the hyperbaric therapy marketplace for those searching for a wheelchair-accessible system that enables hyperbaric therapy in the home property.

Across North America, clinic patients are now achieving the long-term benefits that a treatment regimen based on hyperbaric therapy brings. But unfortunately, those with accessibility issues are unable to access this same level of treatment within their home. This means that those in wheelchairs must battle through their medical difficulties without gaining access to high performance hyperbaric solutions that could help resolve their challenges. Fortunately, one organization is now standing up for their clients across the country and introducing a new wheelchair-accessible hyperbaric chamber product that can be integrated into the modern home environment.

The vertical Grand Dive from Summit to Sea is one of the best performing hyperbaric dives on the market today. It presents wheelchair-bound home users with the ability to seamlessly achieve therapy by entering the chamber and zipping it up after entry. One of the great advantages of the Grand Dive is that it’s exceptionally roomy and offers a comfortable therapy environment with great light available inside. The Grand Dive is also designed to integrate high efficiency electric air pumps that help to reduce the amount of energy the system requires, thereby ensuring a low energy-use hyperbaric environment for the American home user. For those wheelchair-bound patients with personal care workers, the Grand Dive also includes full length zippers that can be operated from inside or outside of the chamber. Truly, every design consideration has been made in creating the Grand Dive.

Available for government buyers via the GSA, the Grand Dive is an affordable solution for those who require accessible hyperbaric therapy within their own home environment. To learn more about the Grand Dive and the equipment’s benefits, please contact the team at Summit to Sea directly today or visit their business website at
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Bruce Mckeeman