City-Building Match 3 App Puzzle Tale is Available on Facebook

This week, Renatus launched its new casual title on Facebook – Puzzle Tale. The online game represents a genre mix of match 3 and city-building simulation, wrapped in a fairytale story. Players are entrusted with a thrilling mission of rebuilding a powerful kingdom.

Palo Alto, CA, March 23, 2014 --( Puzzle Tale is a perfect fit for Renatus' game portfolio. It combines two genres “from different planets” – match 3 and city-building simulation. This fantastic combination is supplied with a fairytale plot line: a destroyed kingdom needs a ruler to get it back to life and mighty.

Renatus Media, LLC, a game publishing brand, is best known for launching a line of first-rate casual and mid-core games, both on social and mobile platforms. Their number already jumped beyond thirty, and each game is different from the rest in a certain way. Mostly due to unusual genre solutions applied by the publisher. No wonder that high anticipation surrounds its every release. Anticipation of what genre blend is going to be launched this time. Puzzle Tale was no exception.

The setting of this wonderful game is an enchanted forest inhabited by fairytale creatures. Player gets a vast territory to fill it with all kinds of buildings, mostly related to trade, production, crafts. To build them resources are needed, and this is where match 3 skills would come useful.

Puzzle Tale offers 3 special locations where resources can be picked up. Field, Mine and Wood are match 3 playfields, where every crossing is rewarded with foodstuffs, construction materials or minerals mined under the ground. It is a 'trace the line' mechanics that allows players to build diagonal, twisted matches with as many elements of one type as possible.

At times, in some locations, monsters may appear making it hard for players to match. Or the time allotted for matching may be reduced. But every complication one may find in Puzzle Tale is perfectly balanced with rare abilities and buffs awarded from time to time.

With a very long list of constructions to build comes the widest ever range of items to buy, trade or exchange. Yes, there is a main mission – to build a mighty kingdom, make it bloom, fill its coffers. But the prime players' mission is to enjoy doing it, and making their kingdoms last for as long as they want.

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