Maxx Sales Keeps Industrial Materials Free of Mud and Dirt with Ultra Ever Dry

Materials on construction sites and industrial sites are exposed to mud and dirt. Another way to keep materials is clean is to use Ultra Ever Dry. Maxx Sales demonstrates how to keep your materials clean and dry from mud by using Ultra Ever Dry.

Portland, OR, March 26, 2014 --( Mud and dirt have always caused extended cleanup times for construction and industrial companies. Ultra Ever-Dry is being used to keep materials clean and free of mud and dirt, thus eliminating extended clean up times.

Maxx Sales, the leading distributor for Ultra Ever-Dry, conducts ongoing testing of industrial materials that become heavily coated with mud and dirt in everyday use. Mud and dirt build-up on construction materials and equipment costs (on average) between $385 to $1100 per site for cleanup. Workers also lose precious labor hours attempting to clean protective equipment and tools. In addition to time and money wasted on cleanup, there is no doubt that mud and dirt encrustation causes damage to equipment, and even materials such as boots, gloves, overalls and work uniforms. Such damage results in losses due to shortened product life and more frequent product replacement.

In a recent demonstration of how Ultra Ever-Dry can protect vulnerable materials and equipment, Maxx Sales coated the inside and outside of one-half of an aluminum bucket (purchased from a local hardware store) with Ultra Ever-Dry. The other half was not coated. Clumps of mud were thrown directly into and onto the bucket in an attempt to encrust the bucket with mud. The area coated with Ultra Ever-Dry sloughed off the mud and remain.

Over the following three weeks, the same bucket was left outside, exposed to rain and inclement weather. After a few days, initial signs of rust and corrosion began on the uncoated half of the bucket. By the end of the experiment, the corrosion damage was extensive in the uncoated areas. Construction equipment and building materials are often exposed to the elements like moisture, mud, and grime. Ultra Ever-Dry protects equipment and materials, keeping them clean and dry even in the harshest working conditions.

About Ultra Ever-Dry
Ultra Ever-Dry is a liquid-proofing treatment used to protect a variety of materials (metals, steel, plastic, wood, fabric, fiberglass paper, foam and more) from ice, water and oil damage. Spray a thin layer of Ultra Ever-Dry on just about anything, let it dry and watch water and oil bead up and repel off; liquids can't stick to it!

About Maxx Sale
Maxx Sales is a leading distributor of Ultra Ever-Dry to the United States and international business community. Contact Maxx Sales at (360) 335-3962.
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