Local Business Women Learn Safety Skills for Home and Work from Utah’s Safety Expert

Utah’s Leading Family Safety Expert, Brett Lechtenberg, provided a free women’s safety workshop for the business-women of Chamber West Women and Business to go over important information on safety at home and at work.

Sandy, UT, March 26, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Last week, the Chamber West Women and Business group invited guest speaker Brett Lechtenberg to provide a free workshop for their members about women’s safety skills for home and work. Brett Lechtenberg is also known as “Utah’s Leading Family Safety Expert” and has trained people all across the country to empower themselves as they learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Brett Lechtenberg has done many presentations for women’s groups and taught a large number of women’s self defense classes. His expertise in personal safety ranges from women’s self defense, to pepper spray courses, anti-home invasion, workplace safety, and so on. At this course he specifically covered information about things that the average business woman can do to protect themselves on a day-to-day basis.

Some of the topics that were covered include safe zones at home and at work, the reality of how self defense weapons like pepper spray work, and the difference between violence on television or in movies and violence in real life. Brett made sure that the women at this workshop understood common safety myths to ensure they would get the most out of the material that he presented. One of the reasons why people do not always know how to defend themselves is because they are going off of popular self defense myths and they try to protect themselves in ways that may not actually work.

Dorothy R. Schlesinger, the chairwoman for Chamber West Women and Business, said, "Brett is an engaging and dynamic speaker. We could have listened to him for hours. Our group was very impressed with how he presents his information and did not use negative or traumatizing ways to educate you on personal and family safety. Brett not only enlightened us about safety myths he gave us the facts of why we would not want to handle a situation in a particular way. He taught us some practical and safe ways to protect ourselves that did not require a gun or violence. Brett was amazing and we look forward to having him come back and speak to our group in the future. I would highly recommend Brett to speak at one of your engagements."

Brett Lechtenberg is Utah's foremost expert on personal and family safety. Dubbed Utah's Leading Family Safety Expert, Brett has trained thousands of everyday people to empower themselves both physically and mentally, as they learn the safest and most effective methods of personal protection. People can contact Brett through his website at http://www.brettlechtenberg.com

For more information about safety and self defense programs in Sandy, Utah check out http://www.sandymartialarts.com and http://www.sandymartialarts.com/adult_self_defense_classes_sandy_salt_lake_county_utah/index.php
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