BeBold Technologies, LTD Launches Series of Automated SmartWatch with Service Plans

BeBold Technologies, LTD, launches The BOLD Band® Series, the 1st truly Smart Automated DroidWatch™, today announced it will be Launching its iSporTix, 1ST Generation DroidWatch online and taking pre-orders (started 20 March 2014) at and the BeBold Technologies team will be presenting in New York on July 23-24, 2014, at the NYU Kimmel Center in New York City, NY. The Wearable Technologies EXPO event will uncover further developments.

Houston, TX, March 26, 2014 --( Visit BeBold Technologies, LTD website or their subsidiary, Bold Band DroidWatches™ at to learn more about BeBold Technologies strategy for becoming the next, stand out technological leaders in the wrist-worn wearable’s market.

Kevin Clayton, CEO of BeBold Technologies, LTD stated “Smartwatch capabilities are still in their infancy stages. Much like how the tablet market model began, then exploded few years later. Still today we find tablets to be just as important to consumers as the smartphone. We expect the higher-end wrist-worn wearable’s, when executed correctly, as we plan to do, to take similar rise to consumer acceptability and necessity as did the tablet explosion.”

Kevin went on to say “With respect to competitors, such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, myself and our management team believe that with our 2nd Generation flexible 2.0” HD display in our DroidWatch™ line (in development now) will have technologies that will put our brand at least 9 to 12 months ahead of even the “Big Guys.”

Kevin’s final statements were profound to say the least, he stated: “We hold a few very significant patents, which will have an unprecedented impact on how smart watches are used, purchased, networked, and utilized in the years to come.”

BeBold Technologies, LTD is in that crucial stage of raising capital to invest towards upgrading hardware components, engineering special android or Ubuntu software to integrate the list of 10 or more plug-N-play devices – customized User Interface, and a significant portion, but less than half of funds going toward the design and development of the 2nd Generation DroidWatch™ possibly to be titled The EllipZe™, BeBold Technologies, LTD’s chief financial officer points to a strong and considerable interest from venture capitalists and investment firms; as a sign our business model and plans are more than just “Garble”.

Product release dates for The iSporTix™ (a waterproof and shockproof, standalone GSM/CDMA android OS based, with over 30+ sports and advanced features installed) will finalize manufacturing and production runs by the 2nd week in May 2014. This 1st Generation model will have incorporated the most deliberate and ease-of-use systems, in order to simplify the customer buying process.

Below is a list of examples on how we plan to execute a down-right “awesome” customer service experience:

- Each purchase/watch comes with 30 Days (Free) 3G/2G Wireless Service. (plans start at $25/MO per line or $50/MO per family.)
- Each BOLD Band will be Customized/Activated Service/Tested prior to shipping. (Each Smartwatch can be shipped, Ready-To-Go, out of the Package.)
- Each BOLD Band customer will get a *Dedicated customer support agent. (for troubleshooting, billing, general questions, etc.)
- Each BOLD Band customer will get a 60-90 Day Unlimited Warranty for replacement.
- Plus there are 10 more customer service related benefits of going with a BOLD Band DroidWatch™ by going to

iSporTix™ Pre-Orders for the BOLD BAND® iSporTix DroidWatch™ is now open via Crowd Funding or through their website. For the latest Wearable Tech Expo news, updates and information, follow the event on Twitter at @SmarterWatch or at Facebook.
BeBold Technologies, LTD
Kevin Clayton