Enhanced Lawful Interception Products Help Law Enforcement Professionals End Unlawful Activities

VOCAL continues to enhance its lawful interception software and improve product capabilities to help law enforcement professionals in their never ending effort to stop unlawful activities.

Amherst, NY, March 26, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Law enforcement professionals are rapidly recognizing how VOCAL's lawful interception solutions can help them meet the increasing challenges and growing demand to intercept voice, fax and data communications that may be involved with illegal activities. Numerous law enforcement agencies currently use VOCAL's lawful interception software to decode fax and data transmissions and have come to appreciate the flexibility and options that the software provides them in their ongoing investigations.

With so many different types of fax machines and proprietary methods for exchange, more law enforcement professionals are purchasing software that can handle multiple modulations as well as standard and vendor specific protocols. VOCAL's fax lawful interception software is fully compatible with the many fax standards. In addition, the software ensures accurate image recovery by using blind data retrieval and other methods to avoid compatibility issues with non-standard fax machines.

VOCAL's software will process previously recorded files and real-time fax transmissions intercepted from both IP and PSTN networks. In addition, the fax decoding software can be used to extract partial images from incomplete or damaged files. If necessary, the company will also provide their technical expertise and engineering support to assist customers in the recovery of image data from partial or corrupted files using manual methods.

VOCAL is also expert in the different protocols used to transmit facsimile over IP networks, including FOIP, SIP and RTP. Understanding these protocols and deep packet inspection techniques is critical for extracting image data from any VOIP traffic. The company's many years of engineering experience and broad knowledge of the different technologies ensure that fax images can be successfully recovered with very few problems.

VOCAL continues to enhance its lawful interception software and improve their different product capabilities to help law enforcement professionals and organizations in the never ending effort to stop unlawful activities. When you need a solution for lawful interception, make sure you consult with the experts at VOCAL. Their lawful interception solutions will make the difference in your investigations process.

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