Leading Charity Selects Award-Winning Email and File Encryption Software Egress Switch

Drug & Alcohol Service for London adopts Egress Switch to share sensitive information with external third parties.

London, United Kingdom, March 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Egress Software Technologies, the market-leading provider of email and file encryption software to charities, today announces the uptake of Egress Switch by Drug & Alcohol Service for London (DASL).

Based in East London, registered charity DASL helps communities and individuals tackle the problems caused by drug and alcohol misuse through education, raising awareness and therapeutic services. Over recent years, DASL has extended and enhanced service provision for those with drug and alcohol problems, and consequently increased the network of third party organisations they work with.

Michael O’Dwyer, DASL Newham Community Drug & Alcohol Team Senior Manager, explains: “DASL works alongside a range of external organisations, including health and social care providers. Protecting the sensitive information we share with these partners is a high priority, and as such, DASL examined a range of email and file encryption software. As well as being secure, we were aware that our chosen solution would need to be simple for both DASL staff and their recipients to use. Integrating with MS Outlook, Egress Switch absolutely meets this requirement, making it a convenient mechanism for sharing confidential information securely.”

Offering real-time auditing, as well as date and time restrictions, and the ability to revoke access to secure packages, Switch enables users to remain in control of the information they share. Integrating with a range of email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Switch removes barriers to information security and simplifies the data sharing process. Moreover, using a community-based licensing model known as the Egress Trust Network, recipients of Switch packages can communicate securely free of charge with paying subscribers, offering end-to-end encryption throughout the data sharing process.

Commenting on the announcement, UK Sales Manager Kelly McCann stated: “DASL’s decision to select Switch reflects the growing requirement amongst UK charities to secure the highly sensitive information they share with third parties. We recognise that data security is going to be on the agenda for many organisations in 2014, particularly when it involves vulnerable individuals, so it is great to see charities such as DASL taking proactive steps to secure the information they share. In doing so, DASL are ensuring they protect both end-users and staff from data breaches, as well as improving the speed of communication, which hopefully will result in long-term efficiency gains and cost savings.”

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About Egress

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of email and file encryption software, offering innovative on-demand data security to enable organisations and individuals in the Public and Private Sectors to share confidential information with third parties.

Combining on-premise and hosted cloud infrastructure with patented key management, Egress Switch provides a unique community-based licensing model called the Egress Trust Network. The Network is made up of paying and free Egress Switch subscribers, who are able to share information securely with one another using a single global identity. Delivered as a fully managed service, the Trust Network has grown virally to over 500,000 members.

Used by organisations around the world, integrated desktop and mobile applications ensure easy-to-use software, designed to aid compliance and streamline user workflow.


About Drug & Alcohol Service for London

Drug & Alcohol Service for London (DASL) is a registered charity, providing services for people with drug and alcohol problems in Newham, a smoking cessation project in Tower Hamlets and an ‘Older People and Alcohol’ project in Bexley and Greenwich.

At DASL, we work hard to provide services that are friendly and welcoming and we have highly committed staff who are experienced and qualified in drug and alcohol work. Over the past few years, DASL has continued to extend its services in a planned and steady way, taking into account gaps in service provision, customer choice and government priorities. We have balanced this growth with our desire to stay rooted in our core mission to provide services for communities that are currently underserved and hard to reach.

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