New PowerTabs by Banners Ups® Are a Grommet Alternative Offering More Tensile Strength Than Plastic Grommets

Manufactured Using High Strength Composite Film, PowerTabs by Banners Ups® are stronger than Grommets and easier to install.

Wellington, OH, March 29, 2014 --( Banners Ups® PowerTabs are a popular grommet alternative for those who seek quality, durability, and affordability for their advertising banners. Easy-to-use without any hassle, PowerTabs by Banners Ups® let you create inexpensive and super-strong banners in house without any special equipment and use them for indoor and outdoor advertising in all kinds of weather conditions. PowerTabs are just as strong as the company’s main product Banners Ups®, and can simply be applied to digital prints to convert them into a great looking banner. Available in an array of sizes and styles, PowerTabs easily blend into the banner substrate. They are offered in white and crystal clear finish to enhance the look and visual allure of both white and full-color digital banners.

Speaking about the ease of use and functionality of PowerTabs, a company representative emphasized how PowerTabs are a better grommet alternative especially for startup businesses. “PowerTabs are not only inexpensive and easy to use, but also offer a high tensile strength and longer life. Ideal for digital images of all types, their secret of strength lies in the quality of engineering used to design them. Compared to conventional grommets, Banners Ups® PowerTabs spread the stress of high winds over a larger surface area and thus they can withstand tough weather conditions and strong winds. They are available in many styles to fit any application or strength need making them a great grommet alternative. Plus, they require no expensive equipment to install such as grommet machines or sewing machines. PowerTabs are not just limited to banners alone and can be used for virtually all common banner media, plastic film, posters, or lightweight boards such as foam core or corrugated plastic.

PowerTabs do not require any special tools or equipment for installation. The peel-and-stick approach makes them quicker and faster to use, and they need no sewing or grommeting prior to application. An environment-friendly grommet alternative, PowerTabs are recyclable and also help reduce the damage caused by landfill waste.

“For those who are all about attention to detail, PowerTabs by Banners Ups® offers excellent appearance and versatile design. Available in both regular and mini sizes, PowerTabs fit every strength need for all kinds of outdoor and indoor applications. They are available in white as well as crystal clear finishes, which are essentially invisible once applied on full color banners,” said the company representative.

PowerTabs can instantly turn any picture, poster, or digital image into a banner without the time and resources needed sewing, tape hemming, and welding that is required before installing metal grommets onto the banner edges. The high strength composite film used to manufacture PowerTabs makes them a more durable and strong grommet alternative with only a fraction of the installation time and labor cost. Banners made with PowerTabs withstood winds of up to 98 miles per hour in wind tunnel tests.

PowerTabs work great on all virtually all common banner and sign media such as paper, vinyl, Tyvek®, Coroplast® and Foamcore®. This means that PowerTabs by Banner Ups are not just strong and durable but also highly convenient to use for all kinds of events, promotions, and advertising purposes.

About Banner Ups®

Banner Ups is a leading name in the graphics industry. They offer a wide array of innovatively designed and super strong adhesive grommet tabs and other banner finishing products to their global network of sign industry clients. PowerTabs, one of company’s most popular products, offers high tensile strength and flexible functionality all rolled into one.

Banner Ups’ PowerTabs are a great grommet alternative and allows printers to create strong, durable, and eye-catching banners at a lower total cost. PowerTabs are resistant to wear and tear even in the toughest of weather conditions and against strong winds. The versatility of use and the range of sizes and types available also give PowerTabs an edge over ordinary grommets. Providing solutions for the long-lasting and convenient hanging of signs and banners, Banner Ups PowerTabs is manufactured with highest quality materials which ensure strength and durability second to none.

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