The Future of Gaming at Our Fingertips: Virtual and Augmented Realities Are No Longer a Science Fiction Dream

Trading Card Games come to life through Augmented Reality through the Kickstarter Campaign: Crushing Darkness.

Jacksonville, NC, March 31, 2014 --( During the last weeks, you might have come across topics like Occulus Rift, Project Morpheus, Virtual Reality, Google Glass and Augmented Reality. What they have in common? They’re all closely related. Occulus Rift and Project Morpheus are both devices used for immersing people in Virtual Reality (VR), while Google Glass has brought the topic of Augmented Reality (AR) back to the surface. Though they may have been seen as science fiction a couple of years ago, today huge companies – Facebook, Sony, Google, Nintendo – and even small companies, such as Authentic Illusions, are investing a lot of money and resources in developing this technology and applications for it.

But what is Virtual Reality? Basically, it’s to take our visual and hearing senses into a digital world through a screen and headphones. This makes the experience of VR become extremely realistic and enjoyable to most people. But there’s also the other side of the coin, which is taking digital elements and perceive them in our real world; this is called Augmented Reality, the most common example perhaps being holograms as the ones seen in science fiction movies.

VR and AR are without doubt, elements that will change the forms of entertainment we know, especially in videogames. Nintendo has taken advantage of AR with its 3D cameras and other companies are experimenting in the field to bring new and exciting forms of gameplay. Right now, Authentic Illlusions launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote an Augmented Reality Trading Card Game called Crushing Darkness, which will allow the players to actually see the battles from their cards through their mobile device’s cameras. “We are a small studio, but we’re aiming big, and what better way than to develop applications with AR,” commented Alejandro Garza, lead programmer at Authentic Illusions. “It’s not just about making games, is about creating unique experiences that people can enjoy”. To take a look at how AR looks in this game watch the video at

Authentic Illusions is a videogame studio startup founded in 2012 by graduate students from the Artificial Intelligence department at ITESM campus Monterrey in Mexico. For more information or to support this project visit:
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