Why You Don’t Need to Dread Employee Training Anymore

A new learning app for Office365 from Elearningforce.

Sydney, Australia, March 31, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Some people think that once they graduate from high school or college that the learning process ends. That’s simply not true.

Whether in the classroom or on the job, there are always opportunities to learn new skills. In fact, many businesses have an ongoing need for employee training, but up until now it’s been challenging for company leaders to share valuable information with people across the workforce. After all, while technology is excellent for developing powerful presentations, it doesn’t always make it easy to deliver those details to others.

Do you need to…?

Develop in-house training materials quickly
Save money by using existing infrastructure to create training plans
Ditch an online document library in favor of an interactive learning community
Connect employees across the globe with a single learning experience
Track learner progress and results

As companies big and small continue to seek cost-effective ways to share learning materials with groups of people, they are turning to innovative e-learning solutions such as the SCORM Player 365 app for Office 365.

This creative new app merges the desirable flexibility of SCORM with the convenience of a comprehensive cloud-based program and the unbridled power of SharePoint. The result is a product that makes it simple to turn any training document into a full-blown, professional training package that takes advantage of SharePoint Online’s resources.

Let’s say you want your team to be able to create polished presentations to clients on their own. Using the SCORM Player 365 app for Office 365, you could upload a training package called “How to Use PowerPoint,” notify employees that they should view it and then receive a report back about who has taken the e-learning course.

By viewing the e-learning format at their own pace, employees will have the basic knowledge they need to create their own PowerPoint presentations and managers can track the usage.

SCORM Player 365 app for Office 365 packs a powerful punch that transforms Office 365 into an instant e-learning platform no matter what the topic may be. It is a finalist for “Best SharePoint App” 2014.

The great news is that while this program is effective all on its own, the SCORM Player 365 app for Office 365 is actually the first in a complete line of planned Office 365/LMS apps that support e-learning. Upcoming installments will include a:

Grade book app
Quiz app
Assignment app
Report app
Survey app

Stop being frustrated by trying to train employees using antiquated concepts and outdated technology. SCORM Player 365 is available at the Microsoft Office store or you can learn more at www.learningapps365.com.
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