Historic Photos of General George Patton by Russ Rodgers

Turner Publishing is announcing the new release of the Historic Photos of General George Patton by Russ Rodgers. This title showcases the pictorial narrative of the dynamic leader in a 10 x 10 large format book with culled-from-the-archives photography.

Nashville, TN, October 06, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The History of General George Patton Told Through Historic Photographs.

From a Confederate military family legacy to his role in both the First and Second World Wars General George Patton is known in American history as a powerful and stirring commander who served in the United States Army during pivotal and tumultuous times. General Patton heroically served his country until his death in 1945.

With fact-filled photo captions and chapter introductions by Russ Rodgers, Historic Photos of General George Patton rediscovers the fascinating exploits of “Old Blood and Guts” through nearly 200 rare photographs culled from the Library of Congress, the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor, and Russ Rodgers’ Collection, all showcased with exceptional clarity and beauty.

In scenes of events from cavalry exercises to parades, hunting parties to the War Department Polo Team, the 1912 Olympics to the Casablanca Conference in World War II, and much more, Patton’s life and career shines through the decades in glorious black-and-white photography, displayed in a large format.

“Patton is a central figure in American military history,” explains Rodgers, “and there needed to be a good overview of photographs of his life and achievements. Moreover, these photographs demonstrate, as Patton himself knew too well, that military greatness is a team effort. History tells us where we have come from, and provides perspective into the future. Without a working knowledge of history, one is condemned to repeat the failures of others.”

Historic Photos of General George Patton is part of Turner Publishing’s Historic Photos series. These books, highlighting the history of the great cities, important events, and legendary figures across America, have been acclaimed as a staple in the collection of anyone who loves history.

Historic Photos of General George Patton
By Russ Rodgers
Turner Publishing, $39.95
ISBN 13: 978-1-59652-408-8

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