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A new documentary is now available for public screenings. The 42-minute film produced by the husband-wife team of Jeff and Rita Nohner, Generations in Solidarity explores the relationships between North and Central America over the past 25 years.

Minneapolis, MN, April 02, 2014 --( A new documentary that finds hope for the future of Central America by remembering the past is now available at no cost for public screenings. A 42-minute film produced and directed by the husband-wife team of Jeff and Rita Nohner, Generations in Solidarity explores the relationships between North and Central America over the past 25 years.

The foundation for those relationships was laid by interdependencies created between countries during the 1980 civil wars. The film then shows how present events continue to affect those relationships.

“Many people think that U.S. involvement in Central America ended when military support was halted and peace accords were signed,” said Jeff Nohner. “In making the film, we discovered that violence and oppression is continuing, just in different forms.”

Filmed on location in Guatemala, El Salvador and North America, Generations in Solidarity tells the story of social justice organizations, like Sister Parish Inc., which were formed 25 years ago in response to the U.S. involvement in civil wars across Central America. Sister Parish co-founder Vicki Schmidt and a delegation from the United States revisited locations with indigenous people to understand what connections exist today.

The documentary follows individuals as they probe personal as well as national relationships over time to assess progress, uncover new challenges introduced by globalization. They find the role of solidarity is more important than charity to provide support and learn how connections are essential to initiate change.

“People will come to understand how our government’s involvement in civil wars tore apart countries many years ago,” Rita Nohner said when discussing the film. “And viewers will see how our activities today, from economic policies to immigration reform, adversely influence our neighbors to the south.”

Generations in Solidarity premiered in Minneapolis, Minn., on February 26 and has screenings scheduled in Connecticut, North Dakota, Vermont, California, Illinois and other states. Believing in the timeliness of the documentary’s message, the film makers are providing copies free to organizations, schools and faith communities. They also encourage discussion and Q&A opportunities following the presentation.

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Generations in Solidarity Facts

1. The DVD/Blu-ray disk includes the 42-minute film with options for both English and Spanish translations plus extended features expanding interviews and story lines.

2. More than 20 individuals appear on camera including former guerilla fighters from Guatemala and El Salvador, analysts from education and activist organizations and observers from recent history.

3. Pertinent topics covered in the film are discrimination and racism; the impact of mega-projects on the environment; globalization’s contribution to the growth of cartels and corruption; and human rights.
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