Quality Assurance Calibration Software Drives Efficiencies, Value in Call Centers

QA Calibrate (Patent Pending) Has Found Legs at Time Warner Cable & Comcast; Now Releasing Worldwide

Columbus, OH, April 03, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Weber Associates today announced the worldwide release of QA Calibrate (www.strategicqa.com), an automated software tool for call centers that keeps Quality Assurance Evaluators better calibrated by up to 50%.

With 25 years of combined call center experience and over 750,000 calls monitored, Weber Associates developed QA Calibrate to address two key areas that improve calibration for inbound and outbound call centers: training and measurement.

“The problem is that in conventional quality programs, effective calibration is hard,” said Peter Beaupre, Principal and Inventor at Weber Associates. “But if you leverage the right technology to reduce labor-intensive calibration meetings and provide more objective inspection of quality, you can elevate your quality program to a strategic partnership.”

Instant Calibration and Feedback
QA Calibrate allows users to become immediately more calibrated instead of waiting for a Calibration Meeting with:
· Instant scoring compared to a “master answer key”
· Comments and tips on how and why to score a call more accurately

Stronger Trends Reporting
Call Center Leadership can leverage QA Calibrate trends reporting to make critical business decisions with:
· Site-by-site, team-by-team, and individual-by-individual quality scoring trends for calibration assessment
· Heats maps to identify scoring issues for sites or individuals
· Leniency reports to show if scoring is too harsh or too lenient for a specific behavior

Benefits of QA Calibrate for the Fortune 100
Upon implementation by several Fortune 100 companies, QA Calibrate proved valuable by:
· Increasing time and resource efficiencies in scoring and calibrating calls across multiple sites
· Providing valuable insights into behaviors disrupting calibration and partnership with the frontline
· Identifying parts of the organization struggling with calibration so laser-focused support can be provided

QA Calibrate is available now at www.strategicqa.com. Visit the site today for more information, a quote or to contact Weber Associates directly.

About Weber Associates
Weber Associates is a Columbus, OH based consulting firm. The company delivers customer-centric strategies and drives execution of those strategies at the frontline with call center, field sales, marketing and quality assurance programs and software. Weber Associates works with companies of all sizes, helping them deliver on their customer promise in every touch point they have with their customers. For more information on Weber Associates visit www.weberassoc.com.

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