Fulhold Pharma Plans Initial Public Offering of Company’s Ordinary Shares in London

Fulhold Pharma Plc intends to conduct an IPO and announces a roadshow.

London, United Kingdom, April 07, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Fulhold Pharma Plc., a global biotechnology company, focused on producing its patented Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™), announces that it plans to conduct an initial public offering of its ordinary shares. The offering precedes the listing on GXG Markets, a European Stock Exchange, regulated by the Danish Financial authority, and is expected to commence in April 2014.

Through this offering, the Company wishes to raise capital in amount of £3.5 million on GXG Markets’ First Quote– a quote dedicated to qualified sophisticated investors and existing shareholders. The amount raised will be used for setting up manufacturing and distribution facilities in Mauritius and Europe to meet the demand in Sub-Saharan Africa and European markets and also for investing in further clinical trials on a range of new diseases.

In view of its upcoming IPO and the listing on GXG Markets, the company takes on a roadshow – a series of events focused on investor relation activities. The roadshow is organized for potential investors who will meet with Fulhold Pharma’s Directors and key management representatives, so as to better understand the company’s mission, vision and future prospects, as a publicly listed company.

Fulhold Pharma sets out to provide investors with an unmatched investment opportunity to participate in a company at the cutting edge of the health care revolution.

Curzon Corporate Finance has been appointed Corporate Advisor for the issue.

Fulhold Pharma’s Board of Directors is expecting greater public awareness towards their patented active ingredient, CHD-FA™ and its wide range of uses. The Board expects a broader visibility of the company within the international investor community.

For any additional information, please contact Curzon Corporate Finance, at +44 (0) 208 969 4455 or via e-mail at office@curzoncf.com .

About Fulhold Pharma
Fulhold Pharma Plc has been created as a special purpose vehicle (‘SPV’) which holds the assets of Fulhold Ltd. and its subsidiaries, based in South Africa, and is engaged in research and clinical trials in many parts of the world. The current research and clinical trials aim to develop medicinal and nutritional applications for its patented Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™).

The Company owns the Intellectual Property for the manufacture and use of CHD-FA™ as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) worldwide patents, trademarks and proprietary research results.

Fulhold’s strategy is evolving from a research and development licence model to implementation of this active ingredients in various industries such as toiletries cosmetics, veterinary, food, and especially in pharmaceuticals.

About CHD-FA™
CHD-FA™ is a revolutionary active pharmaceutical ingredient that enables a number of innovative medical treatment claims that are essential in human medicine. CHD-FA™ is an active antibacterial shield that has a novel mechanism of action, with no reservoir of natural resistance. CHD-FA™ can be used in a variety of products for medicinal, cosmetic and food use, in both humans and animals. This ingredient is currently formulated into more than 30 Over the Counter (OTC) products.

About Curzon Corporate Finance
Curzon Corporate Finance Ltd. is a corporate finance firm regulated and authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom) and provides a range of corporate advisory services. Curzon Corporate Finance Ltd. provides a full suite of corporate and strategic advisory services to domestic and international clients. The Curzon CF team has significant experience and depth of knowledge in global fund raising, advisory on mergers and acquisitions, sales and divestiture, buyouts, financing, restructuring, fairness opinions and other strategic initiatives.

About GXG Markets
GXG Markets has been operating a Small Cap growth company exchange for over 10 years and offers a more cost effective route for companies to achieve a market listing. GXG Markets has had in excess of £490m worth of share trading undertaken through the exchange. 107 companies are traded on GXG, through 44 broker members. The GXG exchange is authorised and regulated under the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) by the Danish Supervisory Authority, Finanstilsynet.
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