Company Now Selling Farrgin IceHoles in Two Sizes

Sales Continue to Exceed Expectations

Rancho Cordova, CA, April 05, 2014 --( Farrgin Products announced today that their Farrgin IceHole™ is now available in two sizes. The patent-pending ice chest accessory that allows easy removal and insertion of one gallon size containers is now also available for half gallon size containers at

“We were seeing people put all sort of smaller items in their Farrgin IceHoles during our field trials,” said DaMN Engineer (Design and Manufacturing, New Product) Andrew Oushakoff. “Items such as ketchup, mustard, wine bottles and even cubes of butter were being shoved into Farrgin IceHoles, leaving much wasted space. A smaller Farrgin IceHole, sized for half gallon containers easily accommodate those smaller items without wasting much space.”

The company also announced that it will soon resume delivering its Farrgin Wedgie product to customers. The device, which keeps unused ice chests slightly open to prevent mold and bacteria smells from forming, had quickly sold out the initial production run. “We were completely overwhelmed by the number of people who needed a Farrgin Wedgie,” said Oushakoff. “We are working to build up additional inventory and hope to soon get our customers the Farrgin Wedgies they deserve.” Farrgin sticker products continue to ship within 48 hours of order receipt.

Farrgin IceHoles in use can be seen on the Farrgin Products YouTube page:

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