ViennaCC Releases Remix of Linkin Park Song

The Vienna based musician ViennaCC releases a remix and music video of Linkin Park's song "A Light That Never Comes."

Vienna, Austria, April 06, 2014 --( ViennaCC's remix of "A Light That Never Comes" originated by the Californian band Linkin Park has stronger drums and some effects.

ViennaCC: "This song needs more heavy drums. I did not cut too much to keep the flow in the song. Now I think, it sounds better than the original."

This is the first remix of a song ViennaCC has done.

ViennaCC: "Remixing is not really interesting for me. But you can learn to make more out of a recording if you think this recording is ready for publishing."

Then ViennaCC made a quick music video for the remixed version of the song. The video shows a lot of notes in a three dimensional space. In the background there is a band picture of Linkin Park. The camera moves through this scenery.

ViennaCC: "After finishing my remix I wanted to publish it in my blog. Unfortunately Blogspot does not support mp3 files and has no music player implemented. So I made a very quick music video to present the song. It took only two hours. That was quick and dirty."

ViennaCC played in bands with various genres, from hardrock to dance music. ViennaCC's goal is short and melodious songs, with a kick of 60s style, but with modern sounds and sound effects. Musical roots are beat, pop and indierock. ViennaCC's goal to record songs that sound like the Beatles would sound today.

ViennaCC lives in Vienna, Austria, a bohemian lifestyle enjoying music and video production. ViennaCC: "I loathe stress. A waltz in my mind, but a rock guitar in my hand."

ViennaCC was 2x nominated for a New Music Award in Hollywood, awarded a medal by the International Society of Photographers and reached the semi-final at "Song of the year"-contest in Nashville.

Music video:

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