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QR Inventory Reinvents Inventory Management Process for Small Businesses

QR Inventory is a modern inventory management application for small businesses that uses QR Codes / barcodes and smartphones to streamline inventory management process. Businesses can easily adapt QR Inventory to their operations – the types of inventory transactions and everything they need to track about the inventory is completely customizable via the web interface.

State College, PA, April 08, 2014 --( AHG, Inc. announces a release of QR Inventory – inventory management application that uses QR codes and mobile technologies to streamline inventory tracking for small businesses.

Inventory transactions are usually happening away from the office and computers – in the warehouse, on the factory floor, in the field. Yet most inventory management systems require a computer, and a scanner that either should be connected to a computer or be located nearby. This disconnect creates delays in updating inventory, and some updates are never recorded, resulting in the wrong inventory count.

QR Inventory addresses this problem by putting inventory transactions on the smartphones. Now small businesses can streamline and error-proof inventory transactions by using scanning instead of manual entries, but without associated costs of purchasing hardware. Any employee who deals with inventory can immediately process inventory transaction as it happens, no matter where he is located, just by scanning QR code or barcode on the item by a smartphone.

Ability to process inventory transactions using a smartphone is not the only innovative feature of the QR Inventory system. In addition, every business can define, via the web interface, transaction types and trackable properties that make sense for them – making QR Inventory easily adaptable to the company’s business model. Every business can decide what they track and include in the reports, and trackable fields will automatically appear in the smartphone application for recording inventory transactions. For example, service companies can decide to track what is being used for each project, client or machine; retail companies may decide to track how much they sell through the different sales channels; companies that rent equipment may track where the equipment is, who has it and how soon it is due, etc. All these trackable properties are controlled by the company via the web interface, and can be added or edited at any time.

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