QR Audit Software Streamlines Stocktaking & Assets Audits for Small Businesses

QR Audit software makes inventory control and audit accounting tasks much simpler. It allows businesses to complete physical inventory count / fixed asset audits in hours rather than days or weeks. Employees take stock by scanning inventory or assets with a smartphone, and send scanned batches directly to the cloud-based central database. No manual entries and uninterrupted data pipeline ensures fast, accurate audit results. - March 30, 2016

New NFC Module of QR Inventory Allows for Fast Asset & Inventory Transactions Processing

Businesses can save a lot of time by using NFC technology for high-volume asset or inventory transactions processing. NFC tags reading is now a part of QR inventory asset and inventory management software. - December 11, 2015

AHG, Inc. Partners with Intacct to Connect Mobile Inventory Management with Accounting and Finances

Integrated QR Inventory - Intacct solution gives businesses an option to tie mobile, QR and barcode - based inventory and asset tracking to cloud financial management / accounting. - December 10, 2014

New Module of QR Inventory Software by AHG, Inc. Optimizes Asset Tracking for Small Businesses

New Asset Tracking & Circulating Inventory module of QR Inventory software makes it easy for businesses to track assets and inventory at remote job sites. Authorized employees can record the transfer of an asset with one scan of a QR code, and information becomes immediately available to all authorized devices. The result is: no more wasted time and money, no lost items, increased productivity. - September 25, 2014

QR Inventory Lite Streamlines Asset and Inventory Tracking for Small Businesses

Small businesses which find traditional inventory management systems too complex and expensive now have an alternative – QR Inventory Lite. This simplified version of QR Inventory software replaces manual inventory entry with inventory transactions based on barcode or QR Code scanning. Instead of maintaining inventory spreadsheets employees can use their smartphones to process inventory transactions with one scan. - June 26, 2014

QR Inventory Reinvents Inventory Management Process for Small Businesses

QR Inventory is a modern inventory management application for small businesses that uses QR Codes / barcodes and smartphones to streamline inventory management process. Businesses can easily adapt QR Inventory to their operations – the types of inventory transactions and everything they need to track about the inventory is completely customizable via the web interface. - April 08, 2014

promoCard Uses Apple Passbook Technology to Help Merchants Reach Customers on Their Mobile Devices

Thanks to Apple Passbook and promoCard, merchants who do not have resources or capabilities to create their own mobile application can still reach customers on their smartphones. promoCard allows businesses to create Apple Passbook based promotional cards that establish continuous flow of information between the business and the customers. - May 27, 2013

QRwave Makes One Scan Ordering a Reality

QRwave is a mobile application that gives customers an opportunity to place a restocking order by scanning QR codes on the product label. It automates the ordering process and helps support optimal inventory levels for businesses, as well as simplifies and encourages repeat orders in the B2C / retail environment. - November 15, 2012

QRwave Uses QR Codes Technology to Take B2B eCommerce to the Next Level

QRwave uses QR codes technology to streamline B2B ordering process. It is a mobile app / web service combo that allows authorized company employees to place an order by simply scanning item's QR code. Application can communicate with existing e-commerce system to authenticate users, obtain custom pricing, and post orders to e-commerce system for processing. QRwave can also serve as a standalone ordering system. More information and fully functional demo is available at http://qrwave.ahg.com. - July 20, 2012

Cost–effective Solution for Immersive Training: Fire That Programmer

The new solution allows training departments to create immersive training simulations in 3D learning worlds, such as Second Life using intuitive Graphic User Interface without need to program or involve software developers. - November 07, 2008

Virtual Worlds Training for Corporate Leaders

Corporations researching virtual worlds as a training platform quickly realize that they lack expertise to fully capitalize on the benefits and avoid costly mistakes. To mitigate this AHG, Inc. started a series of new courses taught by a team of experts who have experience creating, consulting and supervising successful Second Life programs. Courses are split into two separate tracks: Executive and Instructional Designer / Developer. - August 14, 2008

Robot-Led New Hire Orientation: Real Life Solution in Second Life

New Robotic Instructors simulation helps corporate training departments create effective hew hire orientation program in Second Life. - June 05, 2008

Smart Robots in Second Life Simulations

Computer-based training simulations are a proven effective tool in corporate training. “Flexibility of Second Life, along with questions from our clients, gave us an idea to create robotic avatars that make simulators available to trainees at any time and do not require instructor’s... - February 02, 2008

Rewind the Teacher and Ask a Question

Kicking students out of a classroom for their own good: a case for technology. - June 21, 2006

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