Alex Heiphetz Group, Inc.

Alex Heiphetz Group, Inc.


Alex Heiphetz Group is software development and consulting company specializing in the following:

Training management system - web-based software that allows training companies and educational institutions to streamline their training administration tasks and training materials production and distribution. The system includes courses, classes and student management, advanced module for training materials management, shipment and tracking, as well as front-end for the students to register for the classes, order training materials and receive technical support. The system is linked to on demand training materials production and distribution service by Delta L Printing. Free 30 day trial. Companies which utilize on demand printing and / or on demand cd and dvd production  services offered by AHG's subsidary, Delta L Printing, use training management software free of charge.

Electronic document management and ordering - Printer Diamond software package allows company to manage printed and digital media materials, order materials for production and distribution on as needed basis, manage system users and review reports. The software can be purchased for installation on company's server, or leased on a monthly basis. Companies which utilize on demand printing and / or on demand cd and dvd production  services offered by AHG's subsidary, Delta L Printing, use lite version of Printer Diamond software free of charge.

E-learning and distance learning tools - end-to-end solution for management and distribution of materials for remote courses: on-demand production of training literature and / or CD / DVD sets, kits assembly, packaging and fulfillment, customer care, training management software that automates students registration, materials management and fulfillment, materials related technical support.

Business-to-Business ordering systems for manufacturers and wholesalers including integration of these systems with the ERP / database. Our popular Double Diamond  system is a good foundation for almost any e-commerce product.

Web-based CRM software. CRM by Web provides unique combination of sales, marketing, support, accounting and management views. Offered as hosted solution.

AHG programmers have deep understanding and specific experience working with a variety of databases - Oracle, MS SQL, DB/400, MySQL and other. Our narrow specialty is system integration involving disparate databases, integration with web applications and e-commerce. We also have hands-on experience in a wide range of projects including data modeling, database design and query optimization.

From the moment we started business in 1995, we knew that it is not about servers or binary code. It has always been about your business.

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