New Horror/Thriller Book Series Just Released "The Trust Casefiles"

Author, Lee Cushing is pleased to announce the release of his suspense/horror series of the books, “The Trust Casefiles.”

New York, NY, April 09, 2014 --( Book one of the series The Trust Casefiles was released in print and ebook format in late 2013, while books 2 and 3 are currently only available as ebook format.

Book Information:
The Trust Casefiles
Author: Lee Cushing
Publisher: FastPrint Publishing
ISBN: 978-1780357225
Pages: 314
Published: November 2013
Genre: Thriller, Horror

The Trust - A secret organization comprised of thousands of independent field units fighting an eternal war against demonic forces that prey on the innocent. One such unit is led by Alexandra Glinyeu, a Voodoo Priestess. Her top operatives are former vigilantes, Forrest King and Catherine Jordan - two people who have discovered that the demons they fight could be anyone - friend, lover or family. This collection of their exploits include Catherine facing the prospect of potential lifelong happiness with a new love when she helps the head of a Trust library whose former girlfriend has returned as a blood sucking Nelapsi, an unidentified flesh-eating creature stalking an isolated community living on a small island, an American television star under sentence of death and an ancient evil returning from beyond the grave.

Other books in the Trust Casefiles Series:

Pack Hunters (Book 2)
Publisher: Autharium
Pages: 225

The Girls Of Lakeview Academy (Book 3)
Publisher: Autharium
Pages: 73

About the Author:
The author's pen name is a combination of the great Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. He is an amateur student of the occult, folklore, witchcraft and anything else that is unexplained. He currently lives in the U.K.

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Lee Cushing
Lee Cushing