Cheri Blossum's "Secrets & Seduction" Now Sold in Soft Cover

The erotic parody of 50 Shades can only be purchased in soft cover directly from the publisher, WinSPublications at gmail - no where else.

Astoria, NY, April 09, 2014 --( Due to repeated requests, the new erotic parody and thriller, "Secrets & Seduction,” is now available in soft cover. This time, publisher Maura Stone of WinS Publications, decided not to sell the book through retailers.

"In the past I never received proper sales figures when I had to rely exclusively on online retailers," stated Ms. Stone. "This may not be the most efficient way of selling 'Secrets & Seduction,' but at least Ms. Blossum receives all her royalties. That is, after my significant cut."

"Secrets & Seduction" has received several 5-star reviews and is the underground hit of 2014. According to author Stacey Roberts, "Highly erotic and quite disturbing at the same time."

Author Cheri Blossum wasn't available for comment as she and her husband, Rick, a famous herpetologist, are traveling to Uganda to check out the 1 tonne crocodile that was recently captured.

For further information about purchasing "Secrets & Seduction," packaged in brown paper bag with a stamp "Private & Confidential," please contact WinSPublications at gmail or purchase for $14.95 through paypal (only for continental US).
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Maura Stone