Sungale’s Smart TV Box is Bringing the Fight to the Internet Streaming TV Market

There are several options when looking at the internet streaming box market, but after taking a closer look and doing a head-to-head comparison against Sungale's Smart TV Box they don't quite live up to the hype.

Chino, CA, April 19, 2014 --( Sungale, the consumer electronics brand, has been in the Internet TV Box arena for a number of years now, and it is ready to fight for its place at the top. There are a number of top competitors, but Sungale has a lot to offer. When looking at the hardware specs, of the best of the top 4 brands they are pretty impressive, but Sungale’s Smart TV Box is right on par. It’s the classic David vs. Goliath battle, with the large company bringing a product to market, but little David is ready to go head-to-head with a direct comparison and tackle the market giant.

When looking at the operating system powering the units, Sungale’s Smart TV Box runs a version of Android’s Operating System. This means that Sungale’s Smart TV Box can receive apps from the largest app store available, Google Play store. All the other devices have put limits on what apps are available for use, whereas Sungale’s Smart TV Box gives you the entire access of the Google Play Store at your disposal. When looking at the closest competition among the top 4 devices, the competitions device only carries less than 200 apps total compared to Smart TV Box’s unlimited access to Google's Play Store.

Sungale’s Smart TV Box also offers consumers an experience they can’t get from any other box. It literally allows you to attach a computer to your TV, but in a much smaller package. The one Media app that really puts Sungale’s Smart TV Box ahead of the curve is by offering XBMC Media center. This is one app that the rest of the top companies seem to lack that the Smart TV Box has built-in. “In my opinion, XBMC is by far the best way to stream online internet Television and it is absolutely free. Sungale’s Smart TV Box is definitely the best way to bring this program to your living room’s Big screen TV,” said Peter Gu Sales and Marketing Executive at Sungale.

“The one thing you will notice with Sungale’s Smart TV Box is that it gives the user access to the entire Google Play Store and doesn't limit your selection like you will find with some of the other competitors,” said Brandon Jacobson, Sales and Marketing Executive at Sungale.

Some of the other devices out there have a lot of impressive specs, and one of the companies really seems to be touting their voice command search feature that is available on their remote control. Although this is a great feature on paper, it actually is quite limited to only specific compatible content. This means that all the popular third party apps for streaming content won’t be present in the search results. Another feature that seems to get a lot of attention is a separate game controller, which retails for $39.99. The remote control that comes with Sungale’s Smart TV Box comes out of the box and ready to play almost every game available. It also makes it easy to connect additional after market controllers through USB or Bluetooth.

Although these companies are at the top, it is only because they have a much larger marketing budget and market penetration. When comparing Sungale's Smart TV Box to what they have to offer, there is much more features and functions available for the same price. If you are interested with how Sungale compares against the bigger players, the below links will lead to a comparison chart showcasing where each company’s Multimedia Internet Streaming Box comes in regarding their features, specs and functions.

Sungale has many years being a premier manufacture of consumer electronics with production facilities in Shenzhen, China and as a leading OEM supplier of digital photo frames and other digital products. Sungale’s devotion to cutting-edge technology along with a regulated quality control system produces a superior product line with durability and applicability in mind. Recent additions to Sungale’s product lines include: Cloud TV Box, Netchef, 3G Tablets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, children hearing safe headphones, and portable power banks.
Brandon Jacobson