Inaturopath Announces New Leading Holistic Treatments in Canada

Dr. Srajeldin BSc., ND., a Leading Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto, Highlights the Need for Natural Medicine Alongside Traditional Treatments

Toronto, Canada, April 11, 2014 --( With the buzz surrounding alternative medicine, naturopathy has also been dismissed as pseudo-science by many. However, most people are not completely aware of what naturopathic medicine actually involves. Ultimately, it treats individuals based on a combination of modern scientific practices and natural too. In addition, a new naturopathic doctor in Toronto uses a wide variety of non-invasive techniques and therapies that constitute healing techniques from both Eastern and Western medical traditions.

In essence, it follows the same philosophy that defines alternative medicine, i.e. a holistic perspective that focuses on prevention, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to restore and maintain patients’ optimal health, using the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Inaturopath, a Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic in Toronto, takes this philosophy to heart when treating patients suffering from all kinds of acute or chronic conditions. In fact, natural medicine can prove highly effective in Canada, where healthcare expenses have reached roughly $6,000 per person in 2013. While Toronto is known to have high levels of alcohol abstinence, stats aren’t that impressive when it comes to cancer screenings or quitting cigarettes.

Why Go For Naturopathy?
Naturopathic medicine holds special relevance in the treatment of:

· Chronic conditions where conventional treatments proved ineffective, including respiratory conditions, muscle pain, allergies, arthritis, and stress-and-diet-related problems

· Common colds, flu, and bronchitis

· Hormone issues for both men and women, particularly menopause and andropause

That is not to say that naturopathy isn’t applicable to other acute or chronic conditions. On the contrary, its application extends to the treatment of allergies, digestive tract diseases, obesity, diabetes, autism, skin diseases, and even cancer.

As mentioned before, the efficacy of naturopathic medicine lies in the body’s natural healing power. Unlike the traditional medical practice, naturopathic doctors aim to treat the whole person, combining mental, physical, and spiritual factors to trigger the body’s ability to care for itself. The best part is that naturopathy doesn’t end with healing the patient off his/her disease, but rather guiding him into a long-term well-being.

The good news for people who fear medical treatments in general is that naturopaths focus on gently and noninvasively healing patients without turning to prescription drugs first.

Finally and most importantly, naturopathic physicians spend all the time that is needed to discover the underlying causes of illnesses, whether they are physical factors like hormonal imbalance and mineral deficiencies, or simply emotional trauma. Once this is done, the naturopathic doctor in Toronto assists patients in taking responsibility for their own bodies and health, which includes dietary or other lifestyle changes that help them achieve and sustain optimal health.

About the Clinic
The Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic was established in 1990 by its current director, Dr. Srajeldin BSc., ND.; the clinic has since been the leading edge of Naturopathic Medicine in the GTA.

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Dr. Fateh Srajeldin (B.Sc., N.D.)