Seegrid Rapid Return on Investment Key to Growth in European AGV Market Trends

Pittsburgh, PA, April 15, 2014 --( Peter Bak, European Representative for Seegrid, explained that by demonstrating a rapid ROI (return on investment) in AGV solutions, Seegrid is poised for dramatic growth among manufacturers and distributors in Europe during 2014. Bak reported, “The growing need for intelligent – simple and flexible – Material Handling automation that can present a fast return on investment highlights Seegrid as the best choice for European companies in 2014.” Seegrid products and Bak will be at CeMAT May 19-23, 2014 in Hannover, Germany. Seegrid will be exhibiting at Hall 27, Booth H12.

Bak added, “Whereas traditional automated guided vehicles (AGV) solutions require Material Handling applications with well-defined and fixed (over time) processes. However, as European production and distribution companies must respond to ever increasing business dynamics, the requirements for flexible automation will rise, which at the same time limits the interest for traditional and rigid AGV solutions.”

CeMAT 2014 will boast a new look with five clearly defined Technology Zones, together with new user focus topics and special events, will give visitors a concentrated overview and an opportunity to showcase products and services under prioritized headings. Offering an extensive range of services to help exhibitors plan display and generate new business leads on the basis of presentation in Hannover, CeMAT will be building on its role as a key driver of the intralogistics industry in 2014.

Guided by Seegrid flexible AGVs utilize vision-guided technology for navigation, with no changes to the infrastructure. The innovative technology allows vehicles to be trained and deployed in a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility quickly and efficiently, eliminating non-value-added repetitive tasks. The vision system provides operators complete route flexibility, as the AGV routing can be re-programmed in a matter of minutes supporting the up-to-date needs of every facility.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Seegrid (, the prognosis for continued growth for Seegrid is exceptional, and whether developing robotic vision-guided solutions for manufacturing, warehousing or distribution centers, Seegrid is part of the reform for the materials handling industry for Europe. Follow Seegrid Corporation on Twitter at @Seegrid.

Seegrid Corporation - Europe
Amanda Merrell
Marketing Director
Seegrid Corporation
Amanda Merrell