Tom Andel Editor in Chief of Material and Handling Logistics Interviewed on Manufacturing Revival Radio

Pittsburgh, PA, April 22, 2014 --( Manufacturing Revival Radio, a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing, interviewed special guest Tom Andel Editor in Chief of Material and Handling Logistics (ML&L). Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood hosts of the radio program interviewed the material handling leader. Seegrid sponsored the show during the first day of MODEX 2014; the company is the maker of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for the material handling industry.

Andel is an editorial content creator and manager with more than three decades of experience. Andel focuses on putting management best-practices into relevant context for all audiences. Andel has proven reputation as skilled communicator, both for online and in-print media, as well as for in-person events such as live conferences and webcasts.

Andel explained, “I have been thinking of past trade shows that have paralleled the evolution of the industry. What has been happening now is technology is more accessible to the end-user. It used to be that the end-user used to come to a show like this and say, ‘You guys handle it for me.’ Now with a smart phone that is carried all over the place, you have an interface, a window, into your supply chain. So I think that is the biggest message. The end-user now understands what he needs to do to serve his customer.”

Manufacturing Revival Radio is a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing. The hosts interviewed thought leaders and innovators who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with manufacturing in the 21st Century — both in the U.S. and around the globe. is a syndication partner of Manufacturing Revival Radio. Seegrid is proud to have industry experts to discuss these topics and critical issues.

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