Free Video Teaches How to Find High Margin Suppliers for Amazon Products

Real estate investor training company, Cash Flow Depot, releases its 2nd free video about finding high margin suppliers for one’s Amazon business. This 2nd video is part of the 4-part video series that teach about the money making potential of being an Amazon seller.

San Francisco, CA, April 16, 2014 --( Cash Flow Depot is pleased to announce the release of its second free video about selling successfully on Amazon. This recent video is the second part of the four-part video series about the income opportunities at Amazon. The second video talks about finding high margin suppliers for any product and how to automate one’s business using the Amazon Fulfillment System.

Free videos 1 and 2 are currently available at the Cash Flow Depot official website. The first video, which was released last week, teaches how to find products to sell on Amazon. According to Cash Flow Depot general manager, Jackie Lange, knowing what products to sell is an important strategy in selling successfully on this popular online marketplace.

With the release of the second video, viewers will now learn where to source their products and how to take advantage of the Amazon Fulfillment system. This system was developed by Amazon to help sellers store and deliver products to customers. When buyers place their orders, Amazon acts upon these orders and performs the delivery on the seller’s behalf. This makes the process less tedious than when the storage and deliveries need to be handled by the sellers themselves.

Jackie says, “The free videos we provide on the site are preview videos of the Amazon Selling Machine course, which is an 8 module training program about selling on Amazon. Our company has teamed up with the Amazon Selling Machine because we believe that this can help diversify the income sources of our members. This course is in line with Cash Flow Depot’s goal of teaching various risk-free ways to earn money and eventually achieve financial freedom.”

Video testimonials and audios about the Amazon Selling Machine can be viewed and listened to, on the Cash Flow Depot website. Jackie says that one Cash Flow Depot member named Kim Brooks started selling on Amazon a few months ago, and is now selling 70 to 80 products a week. She’s presently earning a profit margin of $12 to $15 per product.

Another Cash Flow Depot member, Jeffrey Lin, is also running a successful business on Amazon. Jeffrey is currently selling about 20 to 30 products a day. His profit margin is at least $20 for each product.

Free videos 1 and 2 about selling successfully on Amazon, can now be viewed at the Cash Flow Depot website. Video 1 helps viewers determine what products to sell on Amazon. Video 2, on the other hand, shows how to find high margin suppliers and how to use the Amazon Fulfillment system effectively. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1882.

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