The Producers of Enterprises TV Present April Air Dates for Flagstaff, AZ

KAZ-TV “Arizona’s Own” will air in the City in the Pines” during the month of April.

Coral Springs, FL, April 16, 2014 --( Enterprises TV will be broadcast in Flagstaff, Arizona during the month of April. The city is located along the famous Route 66 and is the largest city in the state. It is also a regional center which many American corporations call home. Flagstaff is one of the highest cities in the country at 7,000 feet. The city also hosts several high tech, scientific, research and development companies. Tourism is also a strong economic supporter as the city is located near the Grand Canyon. Visitors and residents to the area will be able to watch the celebrity-hosted program on KAZ-TV “Arizona’s Own” throughout the month.

The Enterprises TV show features interviews with CEOs and industry professionals from across North America and throughout the world. It specializes in creating intriguing stories including individual company profiles and features on important new advances in the world. Leaders of industry take time to share their success stories to inspire entrepreneurs and business people. The show is a leader in quality, educational programming in North America.

The program is broadcast in the U.S. and Canada through a combination of FOX and ABC Broadcast Stations, Discovery Channel Transponder©™, Regional News Networks, Business News Network Canada©™, FOX News Channel©™ and Bloomberg TV©™. Enterprises is headquartered in South Florida and films on location throughout the United States and around the globe. To learn more about the show and its host, please visit Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, or watch sample videos on YouTube.
Enterprises TV
Kyra Burton