ClaimVantage Releases Employer and Employee Portal to Improve Efficiency of Claims Management

Mobile apps allow both employees and employers easy access to claim information.

Portland, ME, April 17, 2014 --( ClaimVantage announced the release of its new web-based Employee and Employer Portal, as part of their Disability, Life and Absence claims management systems, at their Annual User Group, March 27-28th. The portal allows employees to create an absence claim on mobile devices, as well as download necessary forms and track claim status. Employers may use the portal to access claim information, review reports and get real time notifications of employee absences.

ClaimVantage developed the application based on feedback and industry trends. A report carried out by Capgemini and Elma determined that by 2015 insurers would focus on providing claim services, straight through claim processing and product information on mobile devices to develop positive customer experiences. Research from Spring Consulting also suggested that having a self-service portal is no longer an option for insurers; it is a requirement to remain a top competitor in the industry.

As well as creating a competitive advantage and improving the customer experience, portals can increase the efficiency of claim processing for insurers. The use of employee and employer portals reduces the need for the employee to call to create a claim or check the status of their case.

Another major benefit is the reduction of pressure on calls centers. Claims administrators balance processing of claims, while answering calls from employees. This can result in either missed calls or lost information. The portal allows employees to create their claims and report their absences online instead of making a call, providing the necessary information for the claims administrator. This information can then be easily accessed to determine the level of attention each claim needs. This reduces the amount of time spent on the phone and reduces the number of unanswered calls that need to be returned.

ClaimVantage Employer/Employee Portal

The ClaimVantage employee portal provides employees with an automated intake that walks them through the claim creation process resulting in real time notifications of employee absences to employers and case managers. Additionally employees may report individual absences related to their intermittent claims, also resulting in real time notifications. Employers may also use the portal to create and view real time reports. The employee may track the status of their claim through the portal and download any necessary forms, like provider certifications. ClaimVantage has focused on developing an app based on feedback from both TPA’s and employers to enhance end-to-end claim management.

About ClaimVantage

ClaimVantage provides Absence, Disability and Life insurance claim management software products and services to its customers. Efforts are focused on providing efficient, accurate, and productive claims processing solutions to a wide-range of Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators (TPA's), and self-insured employers.
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