Achieve Seamless Document Management with Latest Services from Alberta Printer

Calgary, Alberta-based printing leaders, Alberta Printer are now helping hundreds of Canadian firms reign-in their printing and other documentation costs through their complete document management services.

Calgary, Canada, April 17, 2014 --( The Alberta Printer DocuWare service empowers companies to achieve complete documentation efficiency through an in-house software solution that allows for storage, transport and security of all important documentation.

Today’s Canadian business leaders require continuous access to their important data. This means that they must have a document repository that is continually updated and maintained by in-house resources. But this type of documentation management is simply unfeasible with paper document copies, given the amount of data harnessed within leading companies. And so many are now turning to paperless management systems that provide a one-stop, secure repository for all of the company’s vital information. Now, the team at Alberta Printer has devised one of the more secure document management services on the marketplace today.

The DocuWare system is designed for the ultimate in terms of user control. It offers a broad array of functionality that helps in-office team members improve their use of work time and reduce the reliance on manual paper administration processes. It’s a system that empowers complete documentation access no matter where the user is around the globe. It also offers users the means to collaborate in work teams, thereby reducing the need to wait for all stakeholders to be in the same room for effective document creation.

One of the leading safety systems integrated within DocuWare is the program’s access rights authorization processes. Users must log-in to the system via their windows application as well as through their unique DocuWare user identification to ensure access to their files. Additional levels of individual file security are also available to ensure that important client documents are secure against unauthorized outside access. And all data is secured by back-up redundancies built-into the Alberta Printer solution. It’s truly the leading-class document management product for the data-conscious business owner.

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