A Unique and Dedicated Online Portal for Software Technology Patent & Intellectual Property (IP)

Ipsupermarket.com is unique and niche portal which brings buyers and sellers together to buy, sell and license software technology patents, codes, codecs or intellectual property (IP)

Bangalore, India, October 10, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Embitel and DMC, world class providers of embedded technology and e-commerce solutions have recently launched a unique online portal called ipsupermarket.com.

Ipsupermarket is a revolutionary online portal which allows developers, companies or individuals to license, buy and sell their ip (intellectual property), source codes or codecs. It is an unique and niche portal in which sellers can list their new inventions, patents or trademarks. Users can access the variety of codecs, ip or patents listed in ipsupermarket.

Ipsupermarket.com enables individuals or companies to find their need for technology solutions by bringing them with the seller or owners of technologies. In other words, Ipsupermarket brings buyers and sellers together in one platform, which helps them to communicate directly.

The ip, technology or codecs that sellers would like to list can be from any industry or business like telecom, media, mobile and wireless communication. It could be also from equipment manufacturers, design houses, services companies, engineering companies, semiconductor companies or individual developers.

In ipsupermarket.com

Sellers can list their ip, codecs which describes technical specification and description for sale or license.
Seller can also show their catalogs or demos to prospective buyers and hence buyers can take their final decision.
Buyers can list their ip technology or codecs requirements or customized descriptions of technology.
User can view and search various listed ip including audio, video, image and speech codes, reference design and patents.
Ipsupermarket is also involved in advertising, promoting and marketing of listed ip or technologies through various internet marketing channels.

About Ipsupermarket

IPSuperMarket.com is a unique portal that provides a convenient way of trading Intellectual Properties, software codes or codecs. IPSuperMarket.com provides a much needed online venue for people anywhere in the world to go online to purchase or sell any kind of software patents, technology, reusable codes, formats or design elements.

Hiren Parikh
For any query send them an email to webmaster@ipsupermarket.com