DDA Celebrates 20 Years of Pioneering Work in Digital and Interactive Media and Technology

DDA continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in digital with its signature synergistic approach, combining beauty of form with robust functionality and intensive interactivity to keep audiences informed, engaged, and empowered.

Southampton, PA, April 18, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is happy to celebrate its 20-year anniversary of cutting-edge work in the digital realm. When the company was established in 1994, the world of digital was still young and not widely adopted. DDA moved to position itself as one of the first all-digital marketing and advertising companies in the country. Indeed, one of the first self-promotion projects DDA developed were oversized postcards reading "Digital Is Cool" and "Catch the Digital Wave." DDA was also the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania and effectively demonstrated the advantages that working in an all-digital work environment meant for color correction, image manipulation, customization, and more.

DDA would go on to be an industry leader in many other areas, becoming one of the first all digital video and animation studios as well as developing some of the first successful search engine marketing and optimization strategies as far back as 1996, well before SEO became a standard industry buzzword. DDA's custom designs and programming helped propel some of the most advanced, search engine optimized websites found on the early World Wide Web, including robust eCommerce sites that would take years to become exemplary of contemporary industry standards. Indeed, from its very inception DDA has helped shape the expectations that people would one day take for granted when assessing the quality of websites they visit every day.

As DDA progressed, the number of core capabilities on offer by DDA grew more and more, including 3D modeling, custom software and database development, and a new SureThing™ search engine optimization program designed to allow for retrofitting of established websites not created by DDA for continually improving presentation on search engines. In 2002, DDA established its unique TRAC (Time Resource And Accounting) system, bringing full transparency into the billing process by allowing DDA to categorize and detail how every minute of work was spent so that clients could have a complete understanding of budget expenditures, bringing the company head and shoulders above the rest and reinforcing DDA's long-standing commitment to ethical business practices.

The past ten years have brought to fruition some of the most exciting expansions of DDA's capabilities to date. From robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and in-house copywriting, new methods of website analysis, and new tracking and interactive features for live and archived streaming webcasts, to virtual medical simulations, Personal Health Records management tools, medical database development for clinical research support, website design optimized for mobile and iOS devices, and further expansion of mobile apps design and development capabilities, DDA has continued to expand the digital horizon into the future. In this same time period, DDA's groundbreaking work was acknowledged time and again, with the firm receiving two unsolicited awards for website of the year for the emergency contraception website http://www.not-2-late.com/, one award for being one of the ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the United States, and the first ever annual Tabby Award for Best Healthcare app of 2012 for the Philips XperGuide Virtual Medical Simulation app.

About The Tabby Awards and TabTimes
DDA's trailblazing work in the development of both virtual medical simulations and mobile applications was reaffirmed upon the award of the first annual Tabby Award for Best Healthcare App of 2012: http://ddacorp.com/tabby-award.html. This award came courtesy of the online media distribution channel for information about the use of tablets and apps designed for these devices, TabTimes, and is the first and only worldwide contest for the best iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablet apps in the industry. You can learn more about DDA's virtual medical simulation technology by reading the following front page article in Medical Design News authored by DDA's President, David Katz: http://www.zeroonezero.com/mdn/.

About Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC (DDA)
DDA stands at the forefront of original digital and interactive media and technology production, having finished approximately 2,000 projects in its 20-year history. DDA has had experience working for a range of industries, from medical organizations, to industrial firms, to those companies specializing in business-to-business sales. With a diverse staff featuring illustrators, animators, graphic designers, photographers, programmers, copywriters, search engine optimization specialists, web developers, and more, DDA is capable of taking a holistic, synergistic approach to technological developments that allows clients to mix and match core capabilities while resting assured that the process remains under DDA's complete control from conception to completion. Whether it's a mobile application, website, video or animation, or robust interactive eLearning or training platform you have in mind, DDA can find new ways to teach, train, inform, and engage in every industry and every medium. Learn more about how DDA can expand your digital horizons by visiting http://www.ddacorp.com/.
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