Political Thriller "Blood Profit$" Arrives April 25

“Blood Profit$: The Lithium Conspiracy,” a new novel by James N. Patrick Sr. and J. Victor Tomaszek, explores how the blood of many provides profits for a select few. The novel arrives April 25 and is the first of a trilogy.

Denton, TX, April 18, 2014 --(PR.com)-- When the safety and soul of the United States are threatened, three once-naïve Americans risk the ultimate sacrifice to uncover and expose a global conspiracy to defraud the nation of trillions of dollars in an operation funded by Washington war profiteering and illegal drug sales. The despicable activities are sanctioned by the CIA, controlled by Mafia and laundered by Wall Street traders.

That’s the plot of “Blood Profit$: The Lithium Conspiracy,” a novel written by James N. Patrick Sr. and J. Victor Tomaszek. The novel, which arrives in print April 25 and is available now in e-book form, takes readers through a maze of political corruption and intrigue at the highest levels of government.

“Blood Profit$: The Lithium Conspiracy” (Roundfire Books/ISBN 978-1-78279-483-7/$18.95 paperback/$7.99 e-book) is the first book of a trilogy by first-time author Patrick and five-time novelist Tomaszek. The next book, “Blood Profit$: The Price of Indifference,” is scheduled for release in late 2014 or early 2015.

“We started writing this book via email several years ago, coming at the story from vastly different political perspectives and life experiences,” said Patrick, who met Tomaszek through a shared love of alpacas. “The main characters, Generation Xers, are like many people the readers probably know, and they face ethical and moral decisions throughout the story.”

Tomaszek said “Blood Profit$: The Lithium Conspiracy” explores how far the United States could fall as greed, entitlements and corruption all gain greater acceptance.

“Blood Profit$: The Lithium Conspiracy” is available at www.Roundfire-Books.com and other major book sellers, including www.Amazon.com.

About James N. Patrick Sr. and J. Victor Tomaszek
Patrick is a former senior executive, research think tank founder, keynote speaker and life coach. He is a specialist in world affairs, trend analysis and business and change.

Patrick owns Patricks’ Pastures Alpaca Ranch in Denton, Texas. He also owns and operates Old Irish Bed & Breakfast - Wedding and Event Center in Denton.

Tomaszek is an amateur operatic tenor, a Vietnam-era United States Air Force veteran and airborne firefighter and resided in Europe and Asia for extended periods, which he believes adds culture and spice to his novels. He raises alpacas in a Chicago suburb.

Tomaszek’s other novels are not political thrillers.
Blood Profit$
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