Dance Extraordinaire Lejin, Partners with TracyCain Media Group

TracyCain Media Group is proud to announce that dance extraordinaire, Lejin, (pronounced Lee’Gin) has grown at such a rapid pace and gained such recognition that it is warranted the hiring of a Public Relations firm. TracyCain Media is excited to represent and join Lejin, in all Public Relations, marketing and media inquiries, effective, immediately.

Dallas, TX, April 18, 2014 --( Born in Arlington, Texas, Lejin danced before he could walk. Standing in front of the TV imitating Michael Jackson and Turbo from the break dancing Movie, "Breakin." Anything involving dance and music, Lejin was drawn to it. From jumping up and down listening to "jump" by Kris Cross to singing the Lion King theme song. The passion for music was very high at a young age.

Even while running track at the University of Texas at Arlington, Lejin still danced every chance he could get. However, not having any guidance to pursue his dream of being a dancer, it remained a hobby. Lejin quickly began to stand out in different styles of Hip Hop is how he started becoming known as “Lejin.” The dance styles he created are, cinema, Uchiha and the four sense style.

Lejin has been recognized and acknowledge around the DFW dance community and different states and countries for his continued growth working with different local artist, YouTube videos, solo performances, and his expansion of his styles. Lejin is a very talented and blessed dancer and looks to continue to serve God by sharing his talent he was given to the world.

His performances include, performing with Bad Boy recording artist, King Los, danced on stage at SWSX 2013, performed for the past three years at Move to Groove, performed with rap artist, "Charlie Boy," performed on Texas Got Talent and is currently a dance teacher at Hugh Smith Recreation Center and is a choreographer for Modern Sound Studios, just to name a few.

Lejin was recently slated to open up for Diggy Simmons in the “High School Hip Hop” concert in Dallas, TX on April 18th, 2014.

Lastly, TracyCain Media Group is proud to be chosen to represent Lejin's brand and serve as his official Publicist. TracyCain Media Group is dedicated to building Lejin's brand and success.

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