Asentria Releases Updated Web User Interface with Appearance, Usability, and Performance Improvements

Seattle, WA, April 19, 2014 --( Asentria® today announced a major upgrade to the web user interface for its industry leading SiteBoss products. Asentria SiteBoss S571, S550, S530, and S350 units now support the improved web UI. Asentria hardware solutions give communication network operators monitoring, access, and control of remote or unmanned communication equipment sites on their network.

The new web UI brings a refreshing visual update to SiteBoss units while enhancing the simple interface customers have come to expect from Asentria. In addition to the updated appearance, and improvements in overall organization, a number of specific improvements were made.

· Leaner page structure and consolidated pages.
· Reorganized navigation with faster side menus.
· Dynamic loading of new content resulting in speeds up to 75% over traditional pages.
· Custom Asentria JavaScript utility library 1/10th the size of JQuery.
· Optimized code and improved compression for 20-30% page size reduction.
· Sticky header for quick submit/cancel button interaction.
· Faster data access from SiteBoss units via new JSON implementation.

“Asentria strives to make the easiest products in the industry,” said Jon Baars, Director of Sales and Marketing, Asentria. “Often overlooked, ease-of-use is one of the most important aspects when considering the overall cost-of-ownership for this type of product.

“How fast can you get the unit set up? How many people in your organization understand how it works? Can information be found quickly when accessing the unit? By focusing on ease-of-use, our customers spend less time in training and have a better overall experience working with our equipment. This method aligns with Asentria’s vision to make products that are simple, solid, supported, and sensible.”

The new web UI is available on units currently shipping, or as a downloadable upgrade to deployed units now. More information is available from the Asentria website.

Asentria, Inc. is a Seattle, WA-based company that provides communication network operators with monitoring, access, and control solutions for remote or unmanned locations in their network. With over 25 years of experience, Asentria prides itself on being a part of some of the largest and most sophisticated networks in the world with products that are "solid, simple, sensible, and supported." To find out more, please visit
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