Chia Chen Plays Lead Role in OMG Presented by Creative Productions

A silly, nerdy girl going on a date. Will she have a wonderful night, or will her notorious clumsiness get in her way? Chia Chen brilliantly captured the essence of the role, and the film is in process of entering major festivals.

Los Angeles, CA, April 23, 2014 --( First Date OMG (Presented by Creative Productions) is an indie short film, telling the story of every guy and girl who struggles with their own identity with a style of great comedian chops. Life isn't perfect, let along as a human being. But with the help and love of a group of supportive friends, it will be ok to be "a little" clumsy.

Chia Chen portraits Lydia, the lead girl in OMG, with precise and innovative performance. She grapes the important elements of Lydia and creates this character which brings out the best comedian effect for the entire film.

"This is not just about the date. It represents all the events, all the first time in our lives. We failed at one point, we learned, and we move on with laughters, hopefully. Most of all, we need this group of great friends to be there and tell you it's ok to fall. I couldn't do this without these great friends in the film as well as outside of it," said Chia Chen.

The completed film is under the process of entering some major festivals.
Chia Chen is currently working on an original stage play revised from a short film, Lost/Atonement. A heart feeling story about a mistake a former detective made in the past leads to the drastic change of three lives.
Creative Productions
Carol Y. Chen