"Insult Like Shakespeare Day" is April 23rd on Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday

First annual Insult Like Shakespeare Day to help engage kids with The Bard on his birthday.

San Luis Obispo, CA, April 22, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Brendan P. Kelso, author of Playing With Play's Shakespeare for Kids books, is known for writing short, humorous, melodramatic renditions of Shakespeare’s plays, all in an effort to make The Bard easy for children (and adults) to understand. In the same spirit to make Shakespeare fun and exciting for kids and, in acknowledgment to The Bard’s 450th birthday, this April 23rd Brendan is declaring the first annual, “Insult Like Shakespeare Day.” What better way to engage in The Bards many innuendos, than by embracing what he truly does better than the rest of us, insults. What better way to engage kids with Shakespeare in school or have fun in the workplace to break up the dull and mundane.

Let’s review a few of Shakespeare’s classic insults:
-I desire that we be better strangers.” from As You Like It
-I’ll beat thee, but I should infect my hands.” from Timon of Athens
-Not so much brain as ear wax." from Troilus & Cressida

So, in the spirit of all that is insulting, Brendan is encouraging you to embrace the official first annual Insult Like Shakespeare Day. Throw some of these zingers out at your co-worker:

-Artless, tickle-brained, flap-dragon
-Mewling, fool-born, bugbear
-Paunchy, elf-skinned, ratsbane

Go to his site, PlayingWithPlays.com to download your very own Shakespeare insult generator so you can start ripping on your co-worker, or greeting your significant other in the morning, or, as Brendan has always said, “Insult your English teacher with this list and you will improve your grade.”

So, mark your calendar: April 23rd, Insult Like Shakespeare Day.

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Official Press Release

Official Press Release

Official press release for the first annual "Insult Like Shakespeare Day"