Cincinnati, Cleveland PR and Ad Firm Unveils Consumer Tracking and Profiling Service

EMG’s BigBrother Brings Simplicity and Sophistication to Businesses Needing Consumer Profiling

Cincinnati, OH, October 10, 2007 --( Businesses that don’t understand their consumer are doomed to failure. Consumer and client profiling has been a basic tenant of good, upfront market research and the development of marketing plans for decades, yet the expense and effort to secure the research makes it cost prohibitive for most small to midsized businesses. With the release of BigBrother from Cincinnati based public relations and advertising firm Eisen Management Group, businesses have unprecedented access to critical consumer intelligence for virtually any product, service or consumer type.

According to EMG president Rodger Roeser, BigBrother enables EMG to work with its clients in profiling consumer type, as well as their preferences and tendencies on the purchase of literally hundreds of product or service categories in any area of the United States. It can also detail general consumer tendencies, provide consumer segmentation, and even compare or contrast based on a virtually unlimited set of parameters.

“We are able to detail what someone within a five mile radius of a business or restaurant prefer to eat, drive or what they spend on deodorant, for example,” Roeser explained. “We can develop specific profiles based on income, age, gender and break that down by purchase tendencies and even general lifestyle clusters for any city, any state or even any radius from a given location. BigBrother brings a level of detail to our clients that enables actionable decisions based on sound business intelligence. It more closely aligns creativity with science and fact.”

Roeser said that every restaurant and retail establishment, in particular, should take advantage of the service – along with anyone looking to open such an establishment. He added that with BigBrother, his firm knows what every person, on any street, in any area of the country purchases on virtually any consumer good or professional service, and the type of person that does so.

“Scary, huh,” he smiled. “But, it is this information that helps us better target our client’s best consumers and brand influencers and with the right types of messages that will better resonate among this set to get them to act, particularly as marketers look to create more unique and individual types of offerings.”


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Media Contact: Rodger Roeser, APR, Eisen Management Group
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