Chicago-Area IT Company International Computer Concepts' Reaches Out to Community for Talent

Systems integrator International Computer Concepts (ICC) has a new HR program that taps into the local pool of students, graduates, and freelancers to fill new job openings.

Northbrook, IL, April 23, 2014 --( At some point, growing organizations are usually faced with a common challenge: providing enough resources to keep up with the demand for their services. That is one such challenge that International Computer Concepts (ICC) has been facing over the last year.

ICC is a systems integrator based in Northbrook, IL just outside of Chicago. At the beginning of 2014 they started up a new HR program geared toward sourcing talent from the available local pool of hungry job-seekers in order to support their growing manpower needs. Marketing Director Colin Cronin identified one area in particular with a number of qualified job candidates ripe for the picking.

"The most recent outreach occurred back in February when we attended a job fair at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, IL," said Cronin. "The primary focus of our presence at this event was to supplement our production line with additional server technicians. During the event, over 20 people approached us with interest in learning more about our company and the position we were seeking to fill. From approximately 10 qualified sign-ups at the job fair we successfully vetted and hired a new server technician who came on board the following month and helped contribute to the completion of new projects for our customers."

Cronin believes that establishing connections with these local institutes is invaluable because they can provide young talent that possesses not only the technical expertise they are looking for, but also individuals seeking to acquire more hands-on experience. Wilbur Wright College offers 2-year associate’s degrees in a variety of fields, including occupational training in information technology & manufacturing, two highly relevant fields to ICC's core business.

Moreover, since ICC also works in the OEM appliance manufacturing space, having a relationship with local networks of qualified candidates can help the business quickly boost their production capability when they receive large-scale short-term projects. Cronin and his team members are heavily interested in providing opportunities for contract and temporary workers to come on board, potentially providing them a path to full-time permanent status with ICC. Cronin is looking forward to seeing this initiative expand.

"Through these outreach initiatives, we can tap into the strong local base of students, graduates, freelancers, and other professionals from colleges like Wilbur Wright (and the broader networks that these schools belong to). Over the next few months we will continue to attend similar events in order to complement our growth with additional team members and resources..."

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming part of the ICC team, they would love to hear from you at To learn more about ICC, check out their website at
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