New Jersey’s Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center Now Offers Innovative Skin Cancer Treatment

Dr. Gangaram Ragi, of New Jersey's Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center has begun offering the innovative new skin cancer treatment that is Mohs Surgery. Mohs Surgery is a unique and effective in the way it is minimally invasive but state-of-the-art in skin cancer treatment.

Teaneck, NJ, April 23, 2014 --( Dr. Gangaram Ragi offers treatment and support for patients dealing with skin cancer

With the nice weather finally upon so are all of the risks associated with spending time in the sun. Namely skin cancer. And while prevention is always the best medicine, there are options for those who have been diagnosed with skin cancer. Fortunately, there are numerous, less-invasive options for skin cancer treatment and Dr. Ragi of Teaneck’s Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center on of the most state-of-the-art treatments. Mohs Surgery, which is among the most effective, and innovative, forms of treatment for skin cancer, is now readily available at Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center.

Dr. Gangaram Ragi has devoted many years of study and research to Mohs Surgery, and its effectiveness for skin cancer. He is now thrilled to introduce this minimally-invasive procedure into his New Jersey-based practice, Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center.

According to Dr. Ragi, Mohs Surgery is an extremely unique procedure in several ways. Mohs surgery differs from traditional procedures, since it involves removing layers of cancerous skin tissue to eliminate the cancer, while still preserving healthy surrounding skin. The procedure, he adds, usually takes about 4 hours to complete and is performed under local anesthesia.

When patients choose to undergo this procedure, they can expect the very best care possible. Once the portion of cancerous tissue is removed, Dr. Ragi will conduct a thorough examination of the tissue to make certain the cancer has not spread. If more cancer is found, Dr. Ragi will repeat the process until all layers of skin cancer have been removed.

Dr. Ragi says that, while exploring treatment options for skin cancer can be overwhelming, consulting the expertise of an experienced surgeon can make all the difference in the final outcome. Dr. Ragi recently introduced Mohs Surgery into his practice to meet the growing demand for alternatives to more invasive surgery, and he is thrilled to share his expertise with new patients.

Mohs Surgery offers an extremely high cure rate for the disease, and Dr. Ragi says that patients under his care will receive treatment with the utmost dedication and compassion.

Dr. Ragi practices at Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center in Teaneck, New Jersey. Those interested in exploring Mohs Surgery, or any other skin cancer surgeries or treatments, are encouraged to call 201.836.9696, or visit
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Dr. Gangaram Ragi is a board certified surgeon and dermatologist, practicing at the Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center. Dr. Ragi specializes in Mohs surgery, skin cancer surgery, laser surgery, and cosmetic and general dermatology. Dr. Ragi operates his practice with the utmost efficiency and care for each patient.

Dr. Ragi has more than 20 years experience as a MOHS surgeon, having received his training in Dermatology at the State University of New York, Buffalo, and in Dermatologic Surgery at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute, in Buffalo, New York.

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